10 Responses to Author Dan Willis got to read the Grimnoir Chronicles and you haven't

  1. LepusKhan says:

    “as good as I keep telling you guys it is. ”
    I must respectfully disagree. It’s NOT as good as you keep saying. It is, in fact, much better…

  2. correia45 says:

    And Reader Force Alpha comes out to just lord it over everyone else. :)

  3. Grant says:

    Man Larry, and you think you torture us and tease….Reign in your ALpha’s or they’ll be the death of all your fans :P

  4. moose1942 says:

    Good things come to those who wait. So I guess us regular proles will have to wait until the book comes out eh? (No I’m not Canadian.)

    Hey Larry how does one become a member of the Sooper Sekrit Society of Alpha Readers? ;-)

  5. LepusKhan says:

    I apologize to all- I never should have said a word, but it’s just sooo good! Seriously, if I could go back and un-send that message I would. It’s not nice to tease!!
    BTW Moose, joining RFA involves having copies of pictures Larry doesn’t want leaked to the world in general… :D

  6. A.G.Morgan says:

    Indeed, shame on the both of you. Teasing is not nice, unless it is accompanied by more fictional quotes and such.

  7. You’re killing me, Larry. Where is the Alpha Reader application? You know I have good credentials!

  8. Why, Larry? Do you ENJOY tormenting us with things like this?

    Wait, dumb question . . . of course you do. :)

  9. Harm says:

    So excited for this!

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