Author Dan Willis got to read the Grimnoir Chronicles and you haven’t

Dan Willis is a Utah fantasy author and all around good guy.  I sent him the first draft of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic. Apparently it is as good as I keep telling you guys it is.  :)

TGC:HM will be out from Baen in 2011.

Okay, I need some happy news: Wall of Flame 2  He is a stronger man than I.  Looking at the clock, he’s 10 times the man I am.

Well, we’re screwed.

Get ready everybody, because things are really going to start to suck now.  If you thought it was bad before, just you wait.   We’re bankrupt and can’t pay our existing entitlements, so we just created the biggest one in history.

The dems are excited because this means that though in the short term, they’re all going to lose their cushy jobs, in the long term, America just took  another giant leap toward socialism.  However, since none of them can do math, they’ve set us up for an epic collapse before we even make it that far.  I have no idea what is going to happen.

Nancy Pelosi said that this moment in history would make our founding fathers proud… Bitch, George Washington would run you through with his sword.


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