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Okay, if you try to get ahold of me in the next week, and I don’t respond, it is nothing personal.  We’re currently moving from our old house, to an apartment where we will live for the next four or five months, so that we can repeat the process and move into a house that we’re having built.  

I’ll post again when settled.

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My brother-in-law is in the same exact boat, living in an apartment right now while the house is being built.


on a totally unrelated note (because I’m a fan of the first MHI novel) I came across this gem:

Someone has probably pointed this out to you but just in case they miss it as it was a zombie centric piece…


Ugh, I feel ya. Hope the apartment has better showers than our current place. 10 minutes minimum of hot water.


Yeah, meant Maximum. 10 minimum would be a blessing at this point.


I’m trying to think of a reason why any of us should feel bad for you … Nope, can’t think of anything!
Here’s hoping the house gets done early & under budget!
(But I wouldn’t hold my breath on either possibility.)


Four or five months! You optimist!

Cheers and good luck with the house – may it be Zombie free.


(P.S. LOVED Monster Hunter – looking forward to the next book, Larry!)

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Pack a layer of books on the bottom of each box, so you don’t do bad things to your back hefting heavy boxes full of books. Mark each box with where you want it to end up and a number on at least 3 faces, and keep a rough running inventory in a notebook. This way you know where “Honey, where is?” actually is. And while the most important things get packed last, make sure they’re not moved first. First, put the furniture in. Then, pile the boxes that you can take two weeks to 6 months to unpack. Pack… Read more »

Ah yes, the sad story of a succcessful writer. Finally I can buy a house…

Just as long as you keep up with the writing… I was running out of readable authors until you came along a couple of years back.

Are you going to be offering signed copies of the next MHI book?