How to Write a Story That Rocks Workshop – The Video

So… how do you write stuff?  Good question.  Watch this:

Or you can go direct to Youtube:

A big thanks to Stephen Nelson for recording this and putting it together.

At LTUE, author John Brown and I did a 2 hour seminar called “How to Write a Story That Rocks”.  This was the first time we’d done this together, and I do believe it turned out pretty good.  Now, keep in mind, I’ve only just watched the first segment.  A. Yes, I’ve gotten a little chunkier this year.  B. Am I always that damn bouncy and twitchy?  Holy crap, now I know where my kids get it from.  (in my defense, I had just gotten onto a new BP medication that makes me a little bouncy)

Since this was originally John’s baby, and I was just tagging along, there were still some bugs to work out. Mostly because I didn’t really know what was going on until I got there, but I do believe that it actually turned out extremely well, and we got a ton of compliments from the aspiring writers there about how helpful the whole thing turned out. 

So I hope you find this useful.


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