Holy crap, Vendetta is on Amazon!


The release date is listed as September.

Darn Amazon still has me listed as a part owner of the gun store though. I need to see if I can get them to take that off.

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  1. And pre-ordered :D

  2. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy back into part ownership of another gunstore?

  3. You know Marxtards: “Once an Evil Gunshop Owner, always an Evil Gunshop Owner… even if you repent and join the Cult of Brady.”

    Guess who runs Amazon?

  4. Pre-ordered!!

    Will there be a later e-book release again (please, please)?

  5. Pre-ordered. Now what to do until September… :)

  6. I haven’t pre-ordered yet but I will soon.

    Now…Two things:
    #1. Aw **** this is gonna be good. Franks being Owens bodyguard…that should lead to some epic scenes.

    #2. Jump on Baen to release the first 7 chapters again.

  7. Pre-ordered!

  8. Pre-ordered :), I’ll probably forget about it long before September!

  9. Woot!
    Pre-ordered as well!

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