Go stuff the ballot boxes


My friend, Howard Tayler, is the creator of the webcomic Schlock Mercenary.  He’s one of the finalists for webcomic of the decade from the Washington Post.

Right now he’s in the lead because he’s alerted his fans.  Shortly the Penny-Arcade machine will awake, and then proceed to grind him into paste, as is fitting for the webcomic that gets over a bazillion hits a day and raises millions of dollars a year for charity, but let’s give Howard a good run! 

And if you don’t read Schlock Mercenary anyway, you’re missing out. John Ringo’s latest book, Live Free Or Die, is based on the Schlockverse.  It is an epic space opera with mercs, guns, and blobs.

Holy crap, Vendetta is on Amazon!


The release date is listed as September.

Darn Amazon still has me listed as a part owner of the gun store though. I need to see if I can get them to take that off.


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