Oh, they just want you to think that this is the aurora reflecting off a satelite…

No, my friends. That is a giant, glowing, mother f’ing  jellyfish in the sky.  And you guys thought I made up that part of MHI, didn’t you?

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  1. I just knew it. Lovecraft was right after all.

  2. Is that (Unspeakable Name) Dread Overlord? I pictured him fatter.

  3. Time to break out my Cthulu-seeking ammo., methinks

  4. We’re so hosed. Cthulu and the Overlord are coming . . .

    Hey, wait, I thought they were orange.

  5. That explains why I haven’t seen my faculty advisor for a while . . .

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  7. I for one welcome our new alien overlords. Heck they can’t be much worse than what’s in office now. :-P

  8. Aren’t giant, freaky alien monsters supposed to appear over Tokyo? I mean, that’s why the Japanese government has all of those remote controlled, slightly plastic looking tanks and rocket launchers almost everywhere. Not to mention the home grown giant monsters. Or the giant robots piloted by emotionless blue haired/ red eyed teenaged girls.

  9. “What if it doesn’t just ‘pass us by’? Let’s retarget some ICBM’s and blow it out of the sky!”–Albert Nimziki

  10. And you all thought that giant swirly thingy with the blue swooshy thingy was just an out of control Ruski rocket! Ha! HaHa!

    No it was was a DIMENSIONAL PORTAL and





    Why couldn’t it just be hot, Morena Baccarin look alikes? No we get green, floaty, giant jelly fish thingies…(sigh).

  11. That is the invisible mother ship of the Space Turtles that are currently rampaging across Nebraska

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