Go Scott Brown! 

The fact that there is even a race for the seat that Ted Kennedy kept warm for 47 years is shocking.  There are three times as many registered democrats in Massachusetts as there are republicans.  This would be like Orrin Hatch dying and Utah electing Rocky Anderson to replace him.

Hmmm… how popular is that whole health care thing again?  Pay attention democrats who are voting on this piece of crap that nobody likes or understands.  This is Massa-friggin-chusetts we’re talking about here.  Up until this week I thought that there was only a couple of republicans in the whole state, and one of those was JayG from MArooned.  Now, in the bluest of blue states, you are neck to neck. Would you like to keep your cushy job?

People are pissed. They’re out of work. They’re broke. The companies they’re working for are hurting, and they sure as hell aren’t going to start hiring when they suspect they’re going to get sodomized with a garden weasel this year.  The stock exchange takes an upward jump as soon as there is a teensy possibility that Brown could become the 41st vote and block this thing… but you still don’t seem to get the message. 

Maybe getting your ass kicked in Kennedytopia will get your attention?  Heck, even being close should scare the crap out of you.  It doesn’t get much bluer than Mass.  What’s going to happen in normal purple America?  I think it will be remembered as ELECTION 2010 – THE BLOODLETTING.


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