John Brown's review of MHI

John finished MHI while we were on our signing trip through Denver.  I’m swamped trying to catch up at work now, but I’ll post about the trip as soon as I can. We had a great time.

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  1. BTW, for anyone reading this who hasn’t picked up John’s “Servant of a Dark God” yet, it’s well worth the read. I’m slowly getting through it (too many responsibilities burying me- no reflection on the novel). I cut my teeth on LOTR and have read way more fantasy than I care to admit, but John has truly come up with something I haven’t yet seen before- and I mean that as a high compliment. (And yes, Larry- when I finish it I WILL write a review for Amazon)

  2. Oh joy… ANOTHER author to read :-) He’s definitely got an eye for details that some of us also picked up on…

  3. Good review . . . It’s interesting to hear other peoples’ take on the book.

  4. Welcome back!

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