EDIT: It’s cool.

EDIT:  Okay, before reading forward, everybody can relax.  I spoke with the owner of the Two Hour Wargames after I posted this. Yes, he was inspired by the first part of MHI. He will be putting up a thing on his page about that is where he got the idea. He apologized, and will be linking to where people can get my book.   Ed apologized, said that he read that bit and got fired up, and should not have used my stuff like that.  I respect that he contacted me so quickly to apologize and to try to make things right. 

I don’ t mind fan fiction, in fact I love it and there is some great MHI fan fic on the internet. I know of at least a dozen different gamer groups that are running their own MHI based campaigns and I think that is awesome, but when someone uses a writer’s creation to make money, then that is different. Baen Books owns the rights to MHI, and anything that ties in there needs to be cleared through them through proper channels.

So I’m pulling this down. Thanks to everybody who jumped in there. I’ve got a brutal fan base. You guys rocked, but we’re cool here.


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