Back from LA

The signing at Mysterious Galaxy went well. They’re a great bunch of folks out there in San Diego.  I’m also glad to hear that my book is very popular on the USS Ronald Reagan.  Rock on. 

Day 2 was spent doing store drive bys, meeting the managers, and signing store stock. 

Day 3 was in LA, and most of it was spent meeting important movie type people.  At one point I was eating lunch at an outdoor table at a restaurant filled with the beautiful people.  Somebody overheard our conversation, and the next thing you know people are dropping off their bios and headshots.  I suppose that is what happens when you eat lunch with people who’ve won Oscars. 

Yes, there is the possibility in the future of a big MHI movie. I can’t say much else at this point.  Let’s just say that the book has been read, and is being read, by people who make decisions.  I’ll post more as things develop, but right now, it is all a pipe dream until somebody gives me a big sack o’ money.


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