Got some writing done yesterday, still a member of the Utah Literati.

So now that I know that after Monster Hunter Vendetta, the next MH book from Baen will be Monster Hunter Alpha (i.e. the Earl Harbinger novel), I’ve had to get my butt to work. Luckily for me I managed to beat Dragon Age: Origins last week, so that wasn’t calling to me and it looks like Call of Duty: MW2 will have to wait for a bit. (you know that you’ve had to do a lot of writing when you meet a bunch of fans in Arizona and one of them says that they haven’t seen you on Xbox Live in like two months!  Sorry, Hyrum, I will return!)

I wrote pretty much all day on Saturday.  My wife (who is far handier than I am at this kind of thing) is finishing our downstairs bathroom, so she’d occasionally call me to lift something heavy or to hit something with a hammer, but other than that it was pure writing fun.  I don’t do well at the whole home/car repair thing. Basically my wife says that when it comes to that kind of thing, my ratchet is twice as tight as a normal person. So for example, a repair problem that would be a 1 for most people is a 2 for me. A 5 turns into a 10. etc. If something is really difficult it usually ends up with my car catching on fire inside the garage, tearing the driver’s side door off, and then being rolled out into the street and left to smolder. (that is actually a true story). 

Good thing that I’m good at writing and accounting or I would have starved a long time ago! I managed to get 5,000 words done, which isn’t bad.  I tend to start slow at the beginning of the novel, but then it tends to come faster and faster as I get into it.  Usually by the time I get to the end of the story, I can do 10,000 words on a Saturday and 2,000 words a night during the week. 

I took a Facebook break and saw that Brandon Sanderson was at my local Barnes & Noble doing a signing.  I know Brandon pretty well, as he was the first person to really give me good solid advice on the business of writing. Since then I’ve done his Writing Excuses podcast. He’s a great guy, and for being Mr. Super Author, really humble.

Now I’ve never got into WoT. I read the first one when I was in high school. The first time I met Brandon was at a Con where he was the guest of honor and I was a dude with a self published book that had just gotten picked up by Baen.  He had a table and was signing books. It had just been announced that he was going to finish Robert Jordan’s mega epic.

Brandon had been surrounded by about twenty hardcore WoT fans. It was more like an angry mob. They were absolutely grilling him. “Are you going to do this?!” “What about so & so?” “You better make the such and such do that one thing!” They were absolutely brutal.  I came up afterward, introduced myself, and said that I felt kind of bad for him, because if he screwed this up, these people were going to actually murder him.

Here we are a while later, and he is #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, and the reviews are universally good. Brandon pulled it off. He managed to make the vast majority of the Jordan fans happy enough that they didn’t burn his house down. Most of the reviews I’ve seen have been some variation of “More happened in this book than in the last 3 Jordan books”. The only people he hasn’t made happy are the internet cranks, but come on, nothing makes those guys happy. I know, I’ve read their reviews of MHI.

So I headed down to B&N. Brandon has been on a mega book tour for the last book in the Wheel Of Time epic, and I know that he’s been getting literally hundreds of people at his signings. This one was relatively quiet, but then I remembered. It was the BYU vs. Utah game. The whole state shuts down for that. The least effective signing I had ever done was at that very same B&N on a Saturday where both BYU and Utah were playing big games.

I ended up selling half a dozen books myself, because as I walked up, Brandon pointed at me, told everybody who I was, and pronounced my book awesome. So I took a crowd of people over to where my section. (Luckily this is my local B&N, so they keep lots of my stuff in stock, which made me look even more cool). There was even a kid who was about 12, who came over and said “You wrote Monster Hunter! That is the best book ever!” Which was really good for my ego.

Paul Genesse is another local author and friend of mine. Paul showed up too, so the three of us grabbed a quick dinner afterward. Paul’s an extremely talented writer, but unfortunately for him he originally was picked up by a small press, with lousy distribution, zero marketing, and now they’re dropping their whole fantasy line, even though Paul is their bestselling writer with two books into a three book series. He has some other projects in the works though, and I’m positive he will find another publisher.




Happy Thanksgiving, and writing update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I had a great one. We went down to Delta and visited my family, got to hang out, shoot the bull, eat lots of stuff, and my kids were able to play with cows and cousins.   I love Thanksgiving, and as far as being thankful, my family has been extremely blessed this year.

And right now, I am very full of pie. So very full. So much pie… 

On the writing update bit, I can now say that you will see the following Larry Correia books come out from Baen, in this order:

Monster Hunter International

Monster Hunter Vendetta (told by Owen Z. Pitt)

Monster Hunter Alpha (an Earl Harbinger novel)

The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic

Monster Hunter ? (told by Owen Z. Pitt)

MHV will be out next year, I don’t have an official date. Then Alpha after that. Then TGC, probably in 2011. Then the next MH Owen novel shortly after TGC #1.  MHV is done. MHA is in progress. TGC:HM is done. MH? is in early scripting.  I’ve got a lot of writing to do. 

Toni really liked TGC. Which made my day. I was a little worried about this one, as it is a very different book than MHI, and I also suck at pitching ideas.  I do believe you guys will love this series though. For my MHI fans, it isn’t monstery, but it is magical, and hence there are beasties that pop up. In this case I’ve got the Summoned and a very different take on the undead.  For my gunny readers, I’ve got tons of period goodness. BARs, 1911s, Lewis guns, Thompsons, and a bunch of things that I made up.  This is the era of blue steel and walnut. And John Browning is in it.  And for readers in general, it is just a great story. 

On the leather bound hard covers, those are still a definite maybe, but will not be happening anytime soon, and certainly not this year.  I still want to persue a run though.

Also, I don’t know where this came from, as I’ve been hanging out in the top 10,000 on Amazon for the last couple of months, but I saw this today. 

  • Average Customer Review: // // 4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (94 customer reviews) //
    94 Reviews
    5 star:    (76)
    4 star:    (15)
    3 star:    (2)
    2 star:    (0)
    1 star:    (1)

    › See all 94 customer reviews…

  • Sales Rank: #3,555 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)
    #33 in  Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Horror > United States
    #69 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
    #71 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Contemporary
  • Talk about a Happy Thanksgiving!  Boo Yah. That’s the highest I’ve been in months, and I have no idea why. Unless you guys actually went for my MHI for Christmas post.  :)

    Oh, and for the orders that have been coming in, I just ran out of patches, but should have more here any day now. So if you ordered a patch recently, you’ll probably have to wait another week. I’m trying to get some in before I go to Denver.

    Hmmm…. I wonder if there is any more apple pie left?

    Colorado signings on December 5th:

    John Brown and I will be doing two signings on December 5th in the Denver area:

    MHI as a Christmas present. The gift that keeps on giving…

    …Keeps on giving me royalites that is! Bwa HA HA HA!! 

    Okay, sorry, my inner capitalist was coming out there.  Now I’m assuming that everyone that reads this blog already has a copy of MHI or 5, but I was just thinking… (dangerous, I know), that MHI is the perfect Christmas present!

    Hear me out.  I think that all of my regular readers need to go buy more copies of Monster Hunter International to give as Christmas presents. Here is why:

    1. It is relatively cheap.  – Think about it. The cover price is only $7.99.  That is the perfect price point for those people that you feel like you should give presents to, but that you don’t like enough to spend real money on.  These are the people that you usually end up giving cheese logs or Hillshire Farms mystery meat sticks.  MHI has all the joy of giving, with half the cholesterol.

    Now keep in mind, you can’t really go cheaper. If you were to give them something that cost $5, you’d seem like a miserable cheap bastard. Why don’t you just push them down while you’re at it?  Scrooge.  

    2. It makes the person getting it feel real smart. - Yes. Because you would never give a book to somebody who was really dumb. They’d probably just try to eat it or something.  Not only can you make that certain somebody whose name you drew out of the office Secret Santa pool feel like a member of the literati, you can also be known as the kind of extra smart person who gives the gift of words.  “Yes, Jim, when I drew your name out of that puffy trucker hat, I knew that you were so smart that you’d need a book. But not just any book, but one thick with learning. Crap, look at the size of that friggin’ thing. You’d have to be like Einstein or something to get through that pig!”

    3. The perfect gift for people who shoot stuff for fun. - Now for the seven of you who read this blog who aren’t gun people, you probably have a gun person on your Christmas list. Sure, you would like to give them something that they’d love, but remember what happened last year?  When he told you that what he really wanted was a 8.72 x 34mm Mannlicher Gustav Crimp Adjuster Sling with Lebel Tactical Larynard and you went to the Cabelas and wandered cluelessly for five hours before giving up and buying them a camoflage cozy to keep their beer cold?  Yeah… he remembers it too. He remembers it with a bitter hate that will not die. But you can avoid that this year by giving the gift that all gun people love. The gift of shooting monsters in the face!

    4. For every 500 copies of MHI sold, the author can afford another case of ammo. – Have you priced .223 lately? I mean seriously. It is brutal.

    5. Signed copies show that you care – Now for that dude at the office who you feel obligated to give a gift to because he gave you a cheese ball last year, (Smokey Bacon flavor… yum) For that guy you can just get a regular copy off of Amazon. But for that special person who would really savor the hours of enjoyment that only monster killing can bring, you can show them that you really care by getting a signed copy.  At the top of this page is the ultra handy Buy Stuff tab with the instructions on how to get an autographed copy.

    You can then revel in the sheer awesomeness as your chosen giftee unwraps their package, and says “Wow! A book! Look somebody drew in it. Is that supposed to be a lightning bolt? What a crappy happy face. Was this drawn by an inmate from the insane asylum?” And if they say that, you have my permission to scissor kick them in the neck, because I have a perfectly fine signature.

    So there you go. Five reasons to give the gift of Monster Hunter International this holiday season.  It isn’t just limited to Christmas either. Nothing says Hanukah like MHI. Heck, everyone knows Kwanzaa is all about celebrating the defeat of the Elder Things. (I think, but I’m a little fuzzy on my Kwanzaa history). 

    Now if you will excuse me, I’ve got to continue working on The Christmas Noun II. The Bloodening.

    Back from Arizona

    I’m back from Arizona.  We were only there for 2 days, but we managed to do two events, visit 23 stores, sign a lot of books, meet a lot of people, and then go out for BBQ.

    John put together an area map and then numbered every store in the Phoenix metro area. Then we unleashed the power of the Tom Tom and set out.  Store. Store. Store. Eat. Visit. Store. Store. Store.  Sign. Eat. Non stop for two days!  It was awesome. I’ve gone to other states before, but I’ve never gotten this much done.

    Borders has got to be hurting.  Visiting that many stores that quickly was very enlightening.  Every single Borders was dissapointing.

    You go into a B&N. It is well lit, well stocked, the staff is friendly and knowledgable. You ask who their fantasy readers are on staff and everyone else automatically knows.  They’re excited to have you sign the stock.  I was either in stock at every B&N, or they could look on the computer and tell me that they’d just sold out and had more coming. Most stores had 2-4 copies, with plans to reorder 4-8 more.  A few stores told me that if they’d known 2 weeks ago that I was coming they would have ordered in lots of extra copies for me to sign, because in their words “Signed copies make anything easier to sell!”

    You go into a Borders. The staff doesn’t seem as happy. If my book is in stock, they have a single copy. Or their computer shows that they have a copy in stock, but they can’t find it.  A few of them were downright dreary, with the lights all dim and depressing.  In one store I walked up to a group of managers, introduced myself, and asked if I could sign the stock.  One manager quickly warned me not to sign them all, because “If they’re signed, then we can’t return them!”

    I looked at the guy for a second, trying to wrap my brain around that. “Uhmm… I’ve been out for five months, I’ve been on two best seller lists, and I’m on my third printing. It isn’t exactly a hard sell.”  

    Okay… I’m not just speaking as an author, I’m speaking as someone who’s been a small businessman and who has run a retail establishment… if your sales strategy is based on managing inevitable failure, you’ve got issues. No wonder the staff never seemed as happy.  That has got to be a tough corporate culture.  “Welcome to Borders, sigh. No, we don’t have that, and if we did, we’d probably just have to return it anyway.”

    We were able to meet with fans a couple of times, and I had dinner with the guys from WTA, the Gun Counter, the Anarchangel and Smallest Minority. I think John was impressed that my readers aren’t just heavily armed red-staters, but we are philosophical heavily armed red-staters who can discuss literature and complex political issues.  Plus, my people bring gifts of t-shirts, unit patches, can openers, and Cav Arms plastic stabby knives.  I love my people.

    John was talking about his book at one of the B&Ns. He got to the part about how in his world, humans are being ranched.  A bug eyed crazy guy says “It is true! Lizard people are ranching us! IT’S TRUE!!!!”  He was totally serious.  John figured that my audience was made up of the well-armed gentlemen who could have profound discussions on the nature of human liberty and his audience was the guy off his meds. Sadly by pointing this out I’ve doomed this prophet of truth, as now the Reptoids know that someone in Arizona is on to them. 

    We had a discussion and signing at the Poison Pen in Scottsdale. It was a great shop, and our hosts were awesome. I think we drew a larger crowd than they were expecting. We had a great time.  It turned out that Michael Stackpole was in the audience too.  I didn’t know that until the end. It was nice to hear somebody who’s written a lot of books say that for being new guys, John and I had a clue. 

    It was kind of fun to be doing this trip in the immediate aftermath of Brandon Sanderson’s Wheel Of Time Mega-Tour. There were a few stores we went into where they had a giant stack of his books, and one of us would say that we were friends of Brandon’s. 


    “Yeah, you know his Podcast?  John and I have both co-hosted on there… It’s not a big deal.  There aren’t that many fantasy writers in Utah so we all know each other.”  


    Oh my friggin’ hell. It was like telling people I hang out with Aerosmith, Tiger Woods, and the Queen of England.  The only other way to get that kind of reaction out of store clerks was to tell them that my book was the “Anti-Twilight.”  Then the clerk would usually mutter something incredibly bitter about fourteen year old girls and then buy a copy of MHI for themselves.

    Here was John’s take on the trip:

    Next up is Denver the first week of December, then I’m done for a bit. I still have several other places that want me to come, but I need a few weekends that don’t involve flying. (on that same note, my Southwest experience is beating Delta pretty handily).

    I’m in Arizona this week

    Come and say hi tomorrow:

    November 19
    3 pm - 5 pm
    Meet public, discuss book, signing. This is informal, just chatting in the cafe–Brown & Correia Mesa, AZ Barnes & Noble
    Dana Park Village Square
    1758 South Val Vista Drive
    Mesa, AZ 85204
    (480) 545-8507
    November 19
    7 pm – 9 pm
    Meet public, discuss book, signing–Brown & Correia Scottsdale, AZ The Poisoned Pen
    4014 N Goldwater Blvd. Suite 101
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
    (480) 947-2974

    Back from LA

    The signing at Mysterious Galaxy went well. They’re a great bunch of folks out there in San Diego.  I’m also glad to hear that my book is very popular on the USS Ronald Reagan.  Rock on. 

    Day 2 was spent doing store drive bys, meeting the managers, and signing store stock. 

    Day 3 was in LA, and most of it was spent meeting important movie type people.  At one point I was eating lunch at an outdoor table at a restaurant filled with the beautiful people.  Somebody overheard our conversation, and the next thing you know people are dropping off their bios and headshots.  I suppose that is what happens when you eat lunch with people who’ve won Oscars. 

    Yes, there is the possibility in the future of a big MHI movie. I can’t say much else at this point.  Let’s just say that the book has been read, and is being read, by people who make decisions.  I’ll post more as things develop, but right now, it is all a pipe dream until somebody gives me a big sack o’ money.

    I just made the Locus Bestseller list for November!  Look down at the bottom of the page! I tied!

    Holy crap, that is 5 months after MHI came out!

    Responding to a post

    This was posted into the comments in my last post about socialized healthcare passing the house.  I feel the need to respond. The person that posted it, Dave, seems like a nice enough guy.  So, Dave, this isn’t personal, but I need to fisk this. My comments are in bold.

    The unemployment rate is over 10%, which means a good chunk of the population has lost their healthcare coverage, Okay, first off that rate will climb if the socialized healthcare is passed. If you increase the burden on employers and raise taxes, what always happens?  Pretty much every economist and expert who isn’t in the pocket of Obama says that.  Hell, ask Joe Lieberman, and he’s certainly not a republican.

    since we all know it can be near impossible to buy a policy ourselves because of pre-existing conditions. For some people this is an issue. So why don’t we write a bill that is about 20 pages that addresses this one problem instead of one that takes 4 reams of paper to print that nobody has read? 

    Lots of other people have jobs that don’t provide healthcare. And that sounds like a personal problem. When I was self employed, I bought my own health insurance… and after listening to the wailing and gnashing of teeth, I was surprised how cheap it actually was.  For what most people pay for cable and cell phones I insured my family of five.  When I was younger and worked crappy jobs, I bought my own insurance, or I rolled the dice and went without.  That was my personal choice. Your bad choices should not constitute an emergency on anyone else’s part.

    I don’t love the dems, but they are trying to do something about it, I’m sure it’s not perfect, but I think it will help.

    Oooooohhh…. They’re doing ‘something’. 

    I heard an analogy on the radio the other day that I want to expand.  Imagine healthcare is an automobile. Our car is the best car in the world. In fact, it is so much better that when people with other cars really need to drive somewhere important, they come and use ours.  However, our car does have some problems. It needs a new set of tires and maybe a new transmission.  So to continue the analogy, the proposed reform is to take our nice car and replace it with a shitty import that gets bad mileage, has a terrible safety rating, was rated Worst Buy by Consumer Reports, and costs twice as much.  In fact, it costs so much more that we really don’t know how we’re going to be able to afford the payments. 

    The Republicans have offered nothing, they are fine with 10s of millions of people being absolutely screwed if they get a serious illness or injury.

    You’ve been watching the news, haven’t you, Dave?  That’s another one of those talking points that is full of crap. What about the proposals that have been shot down every year for the last decade about opening up competition between insurance companies by removing artificial boundaries, so that there could be an increase in competition?  What about the one that the NASB floats every year about allowing small businesses to group together, in order for them to be able to get more affordable rates for their employees and to offer coverage to more people?  As much as I dislike Lindsey Graham, I believe he’s the guy that keeps bringing those up and getting smacked down by the democrats.

    And wait a second… wasn’t it the EVIL George Bush that pushed Medicare prescription drug benefits? (which I also disagreed with, but it does disprove your point).

    The amount of paranoia and fear-mongering in your rant is disturbing, and far from anything resembling reality.

    I was told that very same thing when I said the bill would cover illegal aliens and fund abortions. (turns out I was right at the time).  It is interesting to be lectured about reality, when nobody has read the whole bill. Death panels? Yep, they’re in there still. They just call them something nicer.  You get the living hell fined out of you for not switching to a “Qualified Plan”. That’s in there too… Only they haven’t actually defined what constitutes a qualified plan yet.  

    So, what specifically have I talked about in this bill that is “far from anything resembling reality”?  The part where a public option will be introduced?  The part where there are rationing boards? The part where Obama has flat out lied about what is in the bill?  The part that it is going to cost a fortune that we don’t have? 

    You’re so blinded by fear and hatred everything the Dems do seems like some sort of crazy plot to you.

    This goes beyond Dem or Repub. If you are an American, period, you need to be concerned about this thing. Why the rush to so fundamentally distort our existing system? Why can’t people take the time to read it first? Why did Pelosi keep 700 pages of small print legalese secret until a few days before the vote? Doesn’t this bother you?  Do you trust these people that much to just assume that they have nothing but your best interests as heart?

    This is going to end badly, not because Obama stages a marxist coup, but because some psycho folows Tim McVeigh’s example and kills a bunch of people because you all yelled about how the tree of liberty needs to be watered one too many times.

    I like how the specter of violence is always raised by the left to color the tone of the debate. Pelosi talked about how we’re so dangerous in hushed terms. The Tea Parties I’ve been to have been peaceful affairs, but they’re portrayed as screaming maniacs. Janet Napolitano isn’t worried about Muslim terrorists anymore, but rather the greatest threat to America are people who don’t trust the federal government and returning veterans.

    I’m sick and tired of this crap. If we right wingers were as unhinged and deadly as Keith Olberman and Obama seem to think we are, then why the HELL do they keep pushing all our buttons? This is just a tactic to paint the right side of the debate in a certain light.  “Oh, you don’t want healthcare? I better tread carefully, because you’re such a psycho, racist, lunatic, gun owning, tea-bagger.” It colors the perceptions of the debate from the very beginning. That is the goal.

    Quit believing the news, Dave.  Keep in mind that this is the same news media that can ponder obtusely on whether the Fort Hood shooting was terrorism, and how we can’t jump to conclusions, or paint anyone with a broad brush, or blah blah blah friggin’ blah, when he was in full imam wear that morning, spouted off jihadist propaganda, called up Al Queda, and shot US soldiers while screaming Allah Akabar.

    Seriously, if a right-winger went on a shooting rampage while wearing a John 3:16 shirt and singing hymns, how do you think the media would portray it? Would they urge caution in jumping to conclusions, or would they use him to portray everyone on that side of the debate as a lunatic? 

    Same media, Dave.

    That is what this is coming to, and you’re all too dim to see it, or are secretly rooting for it, I honestly can’t tell which anymore.

    I call BULLSHIT.

    I read your blog because I have a few guns, Good. and I generally like your sense of humor, Thank you. even when you’re doing political rants I disagree with, My blog. My opinion. (well, at least until the new guy at the FCC who loves Hugo Chavez shuts that down too)

    but you’re wandering into crazy land with parts of this one.

    Yep. Crazy land. Because I’ve said so much that is so very crazy.

    You know what would have been really crazy?  What if last November I had said that within a year, the government would own or directly control 30% of the US economy, would be poised to take over another 18%, that in a time of economic crisis we’d pass cap & trade, that the dollar would spiral downward because of record spending, that the new president would have spend more in a year than any prior administration had in eight, that the new president would take a ten months (and counting) to decide on whether to send more troops to Afghanistan or not after his generals had begged him, that we’d go on a worldwide apology tour to countries that hate us,  that Obama would win the Nobel Peace Prize, that we were going to ram through one of the largest pieces of legislation in history (without reading it!), and that many of our top federal appointments would go to admitted Marxists.

    Whew… Now that would have been crazy talk!

    I think Obama is losing momentum because he’s equivocating, looking weak and not getting done a lot of the stuff he promised,

     Negative. The reason he’s losing momentum is because America is waking up to what kind of man they elected.  Like I said last year, Obama is the Boy Band of Politics. All flash, no real talent, but boy bands come out of nowhere, and media saturation tells everyone how great they are. Next thing you know they’re on the cover of every magazine in the world.  They’re mega hits, but after a little while people start to realize that the boy band actually sucks and is annoying. Then like all boy bands, people start to hate all the celebrity being shoved down their throats. Then they fade into obscurity and go away.

    I think we’ve moved into the backlash phase. Personally, I was ahead way ahead of the culture curve on this one!

    not because the country’s discovering he’s a crazy Marxist/Communist/Fascist.

    Yeah. I guess that would just be more crazy talk. What with him hiring Mark (Lil’ Hugo) Lloyd, Cass (Population Control)Sunstein, Van (Communist Agitator and Proud!) Jones, Anita (Mao & Mother Theresa) Dunn, Ron (the free market is a lie) Bloom, and crap, I can’t even remember all of the others, but you get the idea.  The President has only said in his own book that he preferred the company of Marxists, and he’s surrounded himself with Marxists. He’s promoted Marxist ideals, goes off on social justice, and has slipped up a few times and talked about wealth redistribution.  Gee whiz… I don’t know why anyone would get the crazy idea that he might, just might, harbor some Marxist tendancies!

    Once again, I’ll throw this challenge out, even though no Obama supporter has ever answered it.  Maybe you can help me out, Dave, since the idea that Obama is a Marxist is so very crazy.  Can you name five things that Obama has promoted or pushed for that Karl Marx himself would not approve of? Hell at this point, I’d settle for three… Two maybe?  Come on, Dave, I’m sure he’s done something to prove how CRAZY it is for me to call him a Marxist.

    I’ll be waiting on that.

    Come and see me tomorrow in San Diego  I’ll be signing at Mysterious Galaxy with Dave Farland and John Brown.


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