Signing stuff

So tonight’s signing was good. I got to hang out with John Brown and Dave Farland, two awesome guys and great writers.  I learned something about Dave tonight.  He was the creative writing instructor at BYU for a long time and has travelled the country teaching writing workshops, that I knew, but what I didn’t realize is that he’s taught something like 300 people who later went on to get published, and has had something like 40 students eventually end up on the NYT bestseller list.  That’s damn impressive.

Tomorrow night is Orem. Saturday is Layton 12-2 and West Jordan 3-5. 

The San Franciso trip is cancelled at the end of the month.

Nov 12th we’ll be at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego.  Then I think we’ll be in Torrance on the 13th.  (will confirm).  The one in LA on Saturday the 14th has crapped out on us.

So do I have anyone on here who happens to live in the LA area, who works at a bookstore, or happens to really like their local place?  If so, post it here. We’re shaking the trees to find something else on short notice.

Someone is wrong on the internets!
The MHI 625 is done

I bet you breathed a sigh of relief when you found out you weren’t going to SF, eh? I know I would.


See you in Torrance!

ansel chin

San Mateo & Half Moon Bay are NOT San Francisco guys.

Not having a book signing in the Bay Area by Larry – talk about a buzz kill…


Larry, Torrance is way close to Los Angeles, like 20 miles close. Folks in L.A. proper can easily pop over to Torrance. Well, not exactly ‘pop’ because traffic here sucks. Looking forward to having you sign our books!



I enjoyed meeting you at the B&N in Orem. What a great surprise to have heard about your book so many times on Utah Concealed and then to walk into a bookstore and find you right there!

I live out in Eagle Mountain and a friend of mine is opening a new, locally owned bookstore, and I think it would be awesome if you guys could work out a time to come out for a signing. How can I get her in touch with you or your distributors to make it happen?

Thanks again,


Larry! You are an evil crack dealer and I hate you for it. Why could I not have picked up your book on Friday night instead of Saturday night when I would not have as much time to read it. (the wife really frowns on reading novels in church) And then I had to go to bed early to start the week. I have been stealing every minute I can to read but have only made it half way through. I dare not divert any more time to it, lest I not get enough sleep and crash the truck and… Read more »