Sugerhouse Barnes & Noble author’s event October 10th

If you live in Utah, come by and see me at the Sugerhouse B&N, from 12:00-3:00 this Saturday, October 10th. 

It won’t just be boring old me signing books. There will be several other authors there as well, and we will be conducting a writing panel too.  Check out who’s going to be there:

Paul Genesse:

John Brown:

Mettie Ivie Harrison:

I’ve been on panels at different Cons with all of these writers. They’re all really interesting, funny people. This should be a good event. 

The manager at this B&N had heard that my other local signings had done really good, so he ordered a pretty big batch of books.  Please come and buy some so I don’t look like a dork.  MHI makes a great Christmas present, and as we learned from the wisdom of the Christmas Noun, everybody likes to get stuff for Christmas. A paperback might not be a rocket pony or a bag of adorable puppy-rabbits, but it beats a rock.


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