Book Review: Reckless Faith by David Kantrowitz

As many of my readers know, I broke into the regular publishing world by first self publishing.  Before I wrote books for Baen (2 more on the way, he he he), my first novel was print on demand published through Infinity.  It worked out really well for me. I’ve never posted a review of the book that gave me that idea though.

There is an inclination amongst readers that if a book is self published, then it must not be as good.  For the author, that is an extremely difficult proposition to overcome, because it is mostly true.  However, there are some real gems out there, quality works, that for whatever reason, just haven’t been picked up by a traditional publishing house.  The book that put me over the top, and convinced me that I could do it on my own was Reckless Faith.  I spoke with David Kantrowitz, the author, and he walked me through getting my own work out there.

The book is sci-fi, and the overall feel reminds me of a really good episode of the Outer Limits, and I say that in the best possible way.  The main characters are not square jawed heroes, but rather very average people, with average lives, and crappy jobs.  (yes, I know, like I’ve got room to talk!)  Three old college friends hook up for a weekend in the woods and encounter alien technology.  Then the fun begins.  The aliens want to provide a ship to go visit them, we just need to provide a crew.

The best part of Reckless Faith is that the characters do things you wouldn’t expect.  There are moral choices, and sometimes, they do things that you wouldn’t do yourself, but you can totally understand their reasoning.  More people find out about the alien tech, and then  the discussions begin on bringing the government in.  And you will want to punch one of the characters in the throat after that point.

The government investigators aren’t traditional stereotypes either, but rather believable people. One of whom, the reader is left believing is going to do one thing, but then totally doesn’t.  That part seemed a little jarring to me at the end, but once again, just because it isn’t what I would have had one of my characters do, is more a comment on me as the reader, than the plausibility of these character’s responses.

I recommend Reckless Faith. It is a very enjoyable first novel from a talented writer.  There is a sequel called The Tarantula Nebula also.  Click that Amazon link above and check out David’s stuff.  I think you’ll be pleased.


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