A fan's custom MHI 1911 grips

I often get e-mails from people asking if I mind them putting the MHI logo on various things.  I’ve only got a couple of rules, 1. as long as you’re doing it for personal use and not selling them to make money (because I want a cut of that action!) and 2. You have to send me pictures afterward.   Check out these awesome custom 1911 grips.

1911 MHI 1

1911 MHI 2


Edit:  These were done by Conrad Berry at www.gungrips.net

18 Responses

  1. I would buy those if you made them available!!!

  2. So… is he cutting you in on the action and selling these?

    (FYI: Engraved AR lowers would also rock)

  3. Got any bigger pics?

  4. Anvil Arms did my Don’t Panic engraving on my AR, which I designed myself, so I could easily whip this up in the format they need if anyone is interested.

  5. I think you had better jump on those grips Larry. I am sure that my wife would want a pair for hers, and I think a pair for mine would be spot on as well..

    I have to lowers just waiting for the right thing to put on them. I may have found it..


  6. I see a mod in the future of my STI Eagle 6.0….

    any instructions available?

    And Robb, shouldn’t the letters of Don’t Panic be in a nice soothing pink color just like on the cover of your copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

  7. joe, those are a one-off order that was placed with Conrad at gungrips, using a “customer-supplied image” …

    perlhaqr, send an email to wnfm326ATgmailDOTcom and I’ll supply you with bigger pics…

  8. Ok, these ones are nice.

    Actually tasteful.

  9. Those are badass . . . totally sweet.

  10. Sigh, I need a 1911…

  11. Oooooo! Nifty!

    …but I like my Simonich Gunners too much to replace them.

  12. […] Custom Monster Hunter International grips. […]

  13. Hey Art are you willing to share the image file you sent to Conrad to get your grips?

  14. Need to buy a 1911 just to get the grips.

  15. Side plate of my 625 back from engraver. MHI logo looks great. Where shall I forward photos?

  16. Gosh darn, ask and you shall recieve! I just saw that Larry will have a book signing in Sept near me and I posted about how a signed pair of 1911 grips with the MHI logo would bee cool. Looks like I need to figure out what to order! I have a satin hard chromed Delta Elite, do I go with black grips or white with contrasting logo? Polymer or Aluminum? If he signs with a paint pen or sharpie (best?) what do I seal with?

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