I’ve got to hand it to John Stewart

http://www.thefoxnation.com/acorn/2009/09/16/stewart-skewers-acorn-blasts-media-getting-scooped  I’ve been bagging on the regular news for not saying a word about ACORN being a bunch of criminal scumbags. Even the Daily Show is ashamed they got scooped by the cast of High School Musical 3.  

You realize, that all John and Hanna need is a talking dog and a hippie van.  I can see it now. Barack Obama will be tied up after some elaborate trap, and they’ll yank his mask off, revealing that he’s really Fidel Castro. Then he’ll say “And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for you pesky kids!”  Then we’ll all laugh and laugh.

It doesn’t matter what we say anyway…




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Waste of precious oxygen, Jimmy Carter, had this to say about Joe Wilson’s outburst:  “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.”   http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/sep/16/jimmy-carter-you-lie-racist  Good old Jimmy goes on, about the seething hate bubbling up, especially amongst southerners.

Okay… Was Joe Wilson’s outburst uncouth?  Yes.  (was he factually right in that the proposed law did in fact allow illegals to get .gov health insurance, yes, but they don’t want to dwell on that).  Was it ill mannered?  Probably. 

Was it racist?

Jimmy Carter seems to think so.  Because apparently if you call somebody a liar, while they are actually lying, then it isn’t becuase they’re lying, it is because they’re black.  So when you call Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid a liar, that is racism too, because they’re champions of the underclass, and besides, you’d only speak up if you were a right wing hate monger anyway. If you call George Bush, Dick Cheney, or Donald Rumsfeld a liar, you are a patriotic American, doing your civic duty to question authority. 

Whew. Got that cleared up!

Personally, I think they’re all a bunch of lying, thieving, hacks. And I’m sick of the bunch of them.  I just happen to hate the side that has posters of Che on their walls and Marx in their heads a lot more.  Crap. Now I’m racist against Hispanics and Germans. This is kind of a tough mine field to play in.

If you want to see the ugly face of unreasonable hate and bias against a group of people, just listen to how the media and elitist political hacks talk about southerners.  I’m a westerner, always have been, always will be. So people ask me why my first novel was set in the south.  It was because you guys don’t get any respect, and you deserve it.  I wanted to actually write something where a bunch of southerners aren’t racist, hillbilly, inbred, knuckle-dragging, morons, to be gently led by the hand by somebody wise, like someone from Manhattan, or Berkley.  But I digress.

CNN inferred that the big rally in Washington (you know, the one they said had 70,000 people, but the aerial photos show were bigger than Obama’s inaguration that had 1.2 million) this last weekend were inspired by ugly undercurrents of racism.   (on a related note, another commentator made the crack that with this many Republicans gathered in one place, it is amazing nobody got shot or blown up! Ha Ha!  Man. They sure are clever.  Good thing all the totally Democrat controlled areas are so safe and crime free! Like…. Uhm…. Never mind.)

So if we hate out of control spending,  the destruction of our dollar, the stupidizing of our health care, the ruining of our economy,the knee-capping of trade, the milking of the productive to support weasels, the giving to ACORN of 8 billion dollars to buy houses for El Salvadoran child sex slaves, kissing the butts of the world’s socialists dictators, the ending of the “war on terror” while Homeland Security declares returning vets potential domestic terrorists,  the second highest business tax rate on Earth, dozens of unconstitutional Tsars, and MORE…

Then it must be because you are racist.

This may be kind of confusing, so bear with me.  I will break this down for you.  Since I am technically a “Wise Latino” I should be able to help my racist, southern, hate-mongering friends out with the following concepts.  

If you support importing millions of illegal aliens to serve as a virtual slave class with no rights, so that they can be used by employers, treated like crap, and deported if they get lippy, then you are NOT RACIST. 

If you think that you should allow all sorts of LEGAL immigration, so that those people can have rights and legal protection, but that we should secure our borders, then you’re a RACIST.  

If you are a “community organizer” and you’ve participated in the last 40 years of the great society, and it has proven to be a failed experiment, but you keep on doing the same thing, over and over and over, and it ends up beating the crap out of inner-city America, then you are NOT RACIST. 

If you support welfare programs that treat certain groups like they’re inferior and can’t make it on their own without government help then you are NOT RACIST. 

If you support quotas for jobs or education that basically say “Hey, brown people, you ain’t smart enough to do it without the government.” then you are NOT RACIST.  (Unless it is for Asians, because they totally don’t count. Screw those guys. I’m looking at you California University System).

If you make a big hoopla about an activist liberal judge because she’s the first Latino to be on the Supreme Court, but you think that it is okay to call Clarance Thomas an “Uncle Tom” you are NOT RACIST.  (the same standard applies to any black Repulican placed into any office, anywhere, ever. Like Condi.)

If you refer to your grandma as a “typical white person” because she was “bred” that way. NOT RACIST.

If you hear that cops arrested a black man, for any reason, and you automatically assume that the cops are stupid and overreacted. NOT RACIST.

If you are a cop, and you arrest a black man. You’re a RACIST.  Unless it turns out that he was a black Republican, then you need to give that Uncle Tom some “stick time.”

If you disagree with anything the Obama administration proposes, at all, ever, no matter how absurd it is. RACIST! 

“What about the Harry Reid memorial magnetic levitation bullet train from Las Vegas to Disneyland? That’s pretty stupid…” RACIST!   “What if I was against Van Jones because he was an avowed communist agitator and all around scumbag?”  NO. You didn’t like him because you’re RACIST!  “What if I point out that despite what Obama has said, there are ‘death panels’ and tax-payer funded abortions in the healthcare bill?”  Do I really even need to answer that?  You bigots disgust me. 

Okay. I sure hope that the above helps the typical hate mongering readership of my blog to understand the intracies of race relations here in America.


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