Introducing MHI logo clothing and accesories 

Check it out. These were designed for me and they came out awesome. 

Cafepress is a site that makes clothing, mugs, mousepads, etc. on demand. So you order the products directly from them on their page. 

In the future we will be doing runs of other limited edition patches, logos, etc.  More details to come on those.

If you’ll notice in the titles, every single item is TACTICAL!  Because that’s how we roll.

And yes, these are official, and I do get money for them. Yay! :)

14 Responses

  1. The “There’s no monsters under *MY* bed” ones are awesome. :D

  2. Larry,
    The shirts are great, could we get one for us fat asses in a color other than white, maybe a nice tactical grey or tactical coyote brown?

  3. the black long sleeve is pretty solid. nice job getting that stuff out there, lets see more!

  4. may I recommend They have more custom options and in the past have been better to deal with and had better quality.

  5. My hat is on the way – make a nice replacement for my multi-cam cover for when I’m in ‘polite’ company.

    Waitaminnit – what am I saying????!!?! POLITE???!??

    That Larry benefits is a good thing. As fans, we must keep up the positive reinforcement with the message, “MHI novels = gigantomultiultramega buck$, must keep writing…”

  6. Nice, Larry! Gonna have to get me one of those tactical caps once I get back from Europe!


  8. Oh, and +1 on the Zazzle. more options and slightly better clothing products.

  9. Need to make the “No Monsters Under My Bed” in larger sizes as well. My 49 y/o daughter wants one.

  10. Still waiting on the custom fitted body armor….

  11. I need one in OD with the patch on the back and left front small Monster Hunter International with a quote something like
    “monsters are our business…and business is booming”

  12. Hell, there went my whole Christmas list.

  13. Badass. I’m totally buying some of these.

  14. I’m still waiting for my MHI patch :( Knew I should of waited a bit to get the official kick ass tactical gear. lol Oh well, guess I’m gonna have to wait till funds are available again.

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