Patch Contest Voting starts tomorrow

Here is a link to all the patches and the rules:

I’ll put up an offical voting post tomorrow here and on the Facebook page.  I don’t get to vote. The winning patch becomes an offical part of the MHI universe, and will be mentioned in Monster Hunter Vendetta.  The timing is good, since I’m currently doing the final pass on MHV, and I’ve got just the spot.

On another note, Atomic Nerds wrote up the backstory for their patch.

Magical and radioactive… Sounds like a good bounty to me.

4 Responses

  1. … and someone beat me to my idea. Somehow, I should not be surprised :).

  2. Hey, my patch didn’t make it on there. It’s on the facebook site, the Hollywood Hunters one.

  3. Just updated my patch with location. Sorry about that.
    It’s the “Send It” sniper patch.

  4. I just added those two. Don’t know how I missed them the first time.

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