I did a podcast interview with Sci-Fi Guys Book Review

I haven’t listened to this yet.  It seemed like it went really well, and the hosts are great guys.  Keep in mind that I’ve got a terrible cold, so I don’t always sound that goofy. :)


Check out their page while you’re there. I think they’ve got a great thing going.

Good news from the Book Deal Front!

I can’t elaborate too much yet, but let’s just say that there will be more of my books coming out from Baen, and probably not just ones set in the MHI universe.

MHI:2 is called Monster Hunter Vendetta. I’m revising the 2nd draft now.  MHV picks up several months after the events of MHI.

In related news, if you are in the SLC area, I’ll be doing a signing at the Jordan Landing B&N on Saturday from 2-4.  Drop by and say hi.

Take a Vet to Lunch

I saw this via Says Uncle. I think it is a great idea.



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