If you’re against health care “reform” it must be because you are illogical.


Priceless.  I love articles like this. When you disagree, it must be because there is something wrong with you, not their idea.  The article was written with a thin illusion of impartiality, where the whole thing is all about how one side is inflamed by their emotions, illogical, or being cooerced by peer pressure. Oh, and there’s one line that says it applies to democrats too.  Nice.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m against “reform” because it is a bad idea?  Maybe it is because everything the government has ever screwed with has turned into a giant, wasteful, bureacracy?  Maybe it is because it decreases personal freedom and choice?  Maybe because I don’t like having my taxes go up, or don’t want employeers to get an 8% punishment tax? 

Nope, that’s just illogical.

And on the other side of the aisle, the Sainted Teddy Kennedy died, and the vultures are already trying to morph health care “reform” into some sort of salute to Camelot, and if you don’t support it, then you’re spitting on Ted Kennedy’s precious memories.   No lack of logic there… Not at all.   Sure, he was an alchoholic, rapist protecting dirtbag  guilty of manslaughter (at least) who philandered his way through a senate career on the backs of his dead brothers, but that was yesterday.  Today he is a Saint, so all you blue dogs better get in line and vote for health care reform!  

That’s perfectly logical.


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