Jay G.

So, Larry, when are you going to be in MA?

[pause for laughter to subside]

C’mon, sign books in Cambridge. It’d be a hoot… 😉

C Kelsey

Actually, I’m behind enemy lines here in MA as well. I’ve noticed that MHI is moving pretty constantly through the B&N in Burlington. It’d be a real hoot if you’d come out here Larry. 😀

la isla d'lisa

Just finished MHI. Loved it. Write more. A whole series, please.

Brad R. Torgersen

I just did some recon at the B&N in Layton.

Larry, they had several copies of MHI displayed face-out on the shelf. So they were easy to spot.

I relieved the store of precisely one copy.

Yowch, when did paperbacks get to be so expensive?

Aw well, I’ve been curious about this book since I chatted w/ you at CONduit. Glad I finally have my copy.

MHI uber alles.


The Wife, Spawn, and I will try to make the Jordan Landings signing on Saturday.