Autographed copies and patches update

Okay, I didn’t make it to the post office this week.  I got sick and it totally wiped me out. I’m still sick, but I’m leaving for the ITRC tomorrow. 

I got 99% of the orders filled, autographed, addressed, and bagged. My wife will be taking them to the post office while I’m in Wyoming.

I’ve got every single one that came in via Paypal as of today. But I just got a few in the mail. (they were in the pile of unpaid bills)  S.K. in Wyoming, Christina in Las Vegas, and Leverett in TX.  I still need to fill yours but I’m currently out of books and patches. I’ve got more patches on the way and should have some more books next week too. Don’t worry. I’ll try and make it up to you.

EDIT:  If you haven’t ordered yet, but are planning on ordering an autographed copy, could you post a note here so I make sure I get enough books?

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  1. The first copy I bought is now making the rounds in the Piedmont Regional Jail, so I definitely want an autographed copy to replace it.

  2. I’ll be putting the check in the mail this coming week.

  3. I can’t resist buying MHI any longer. Sign me up for an autographed copy.


  4. I’m in for one autographed copy.

    But it will be at least two more weeks. I’ve got a 3000 mile bike vacation to pay for, first.


  5. I will be ordering an autographed book as well. (Either my wife or me, anyway.)

  6. Larry,

    I’ll be ordering after the fam gets back from the Disneyland trip the first week of Sept. Something about priorities that my wife keeps bringing up. If that’s not too late I’ll be ordering a book and 4 patches (or just a book if you’re out of patches).

  7. I’ll be wanting an autographed copy, as well.

  8. Been out for some unpleasantness my self.
    I still need to get my check in the mail…

  9. I plan to order an autographed copy soon.

  10. Sign me up for one autographed

  11. Sick? Are you sure it doesn’t have anything to do with adding another candle to an annual cake? ;-)

  12. Happy Birthday Larry. Thanks for all the fun mi amigo. And put me down for a book and 2 patches please.

  13. Uh huh Sure you are… just like i am around the end of January when my birthday comes around.

    Anyway all kidding aside put me down for a book and a patch.

  14. Hey Larry

  15. Hey Larry,
    Put me down for a copy and a patch. My order should be in your paypal queue already.

  16. Me too, please! (one each, patch and book)

    Been procrastinating on getting this done, but today is THE day I quit putting it off.

  17. I can be patient…:D
    Hope you feel better, and good luck in Wyoming!

  18. I need a book and a patch for my receptionist’s birthday. With a note to please not push his boss out the window. I promise I won’t turn into a werewolf!

  19. Can you give me the price and postage in Australian dollars? And just the postage price for the badge?

  20. Larry,

    Check went in the mail to you on the 17th for the book and patch. Many thanks!

    WCS in Nampa, ID

  21. Two books, two patches…



  22. Got the book; got the patches.
    Where’s the autograph???

    • Brian, it should be a couple pages in on the title page.

      (I hope…)

      I did about 30 in one day, but I’m pretty sure I signed every single one of them and wrote something in there. If I screwed up, I’ll make it right.

  23. Brian, I shot you an e-mail.

    Whoops. Looks like I screwed up. I’ll make it good though.

    • How about I just PayPal you funds for another copy? I hate playing Post Office tag. Just tell me how much ya need. K?

  24. Brian, it was my screw up. No charge. Donate the other one to a worthy person. :)

    Send me an e-mail with your mailing address if you don’t mind. slg2qcorreia AT yahoo DOT com.

  25. Just finished reading MHI (in one sitting no less) and I think I had better ask for an autographed copy and a couple patches if possible. (I’ll need to know the total to send you and where.)
    I’m sending this copy to a friend in Iraq to read and it would be cool to include a patch if they are still available.

    This is the most fun I have had reading for a long, long time. Thanks so much for the story and I can’t wait for more.
    It starts off at high speed and never stops.

    The metal-head ogres are awesome and the gargoyles are fantastic. Hell, it’s all good!

    • Brett, if you need to get a mailing address for me, send me an e-mail at slg2qcorreia AT yahoo DOT com.

  26. I’m a huge fan of your work. Got one copy already, but wouldn’t mind having another one with a patch ;) I’ll send ya payment through Pay Pal as soon as I’m done with this :D

  27. I would very much like a signed copy of MHI, but I will have to wait a bit before purchasing – Better Half and I are currently chasing a short-sale house, and any extraneous purchases on are hold for the time being :). Thanks!

  28. would love a signed copy of your book. Do you post to Australia?

    • Sure, I just have to find out what postage to Australia is. Have you had things shipped from the US before of that approximate size? What did it run you?

  29. I’ll take one,, thanks, and a patch and the sequel too.

  30. Hey Larry, I definately would love to have Vendetta and a patch. I don’t have a PayPal account, can I pay another way?

  31. Ack, I ordered and payed for a book and patch through paypal on the 21st, was I too late?

    • Nope. On the patches, I ship those myself, but I usually wait until I have a bunch of them, so every 2-3 weeks. I just hate going to the post office. :)

      • Wow thanks for the reply! I just now realized I posted on a note from September of last year. Thanks for the great world you’ve created. I enjoy firearms immensely, and am a current ccw permit holder. Add to this a love of zombies, vampires, and pretty much any horror movie besides the current ones (“Oh no, our van broke down. Quick, split up!!”), and you can see why I enjoy your book. I can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy, keep up the good work!

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