Autographed copies and patches update

Okay, I didn’t make it to the post office this week.  I got sick and it totally wiped me out. I’m still sick, but I’m leaving for the ITRC tomorrow. 

I got 99% of the orders filled, autographed, addressed, and bagged. My wife will be taking them to the post office while I’m in Wyoming.

I’ve got every single one that came in via Paypal as of today. But I just got a few in the mail. (they were in the pile of unpaid bills)  S.K. in Wyoming, Christina in Las Vegas, and Leverett in TX.  I still need to fill yours but I’m currently out of books and patches. I’ve got more patches on the way and should have some more books next week too. Don’t worry. I’ll try and make it up to you.

EDIT:  If you haven’t ordered yet, but are planning on ordering an autographed copy, could you post a note here so I make sure I get enough books?


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