I just checked Amazon and they’ve only got 4 copies of MHI left in stock. I think that’s pretty cool in that I got my trade paperback from a major publisher to sell out, but I’ve still got no idea how many copies they ordered to begin with.

Autographed copies will start going out this Saturday. I’ve got about 20 here, and 35 more on the way, should be here early next week. I’m starting to run low on patches too, but should have enough to get through this.

If you haven’t checked out the Hold The Pig Steady songwriting contest, you really should. Once again, I’m blown away by the talent. You guys rock.

On that note, we’re still taking entries on the patch contest until the end of the month. We’ve got some awesome entries there.

I’ll be going to the ITRC in Wyoming next week. If you’ve not heard of it, it is a team shooting match. One person on carbine (me) shooting from 0-500 yards, one person on precision rifle shooting from 500-1000 yards (Atomic Ferret).  This was a last minute thing thrown together because SWAT magazine needs one of their authors to go. I’m out of shape, out of practice (more shoot! less write!) , and if we don’t come in last, I’ll be a happy man. That said there is one stage shot from a fast moving helicopter… Yes. I get to shoot a rifle stage from a helicopter. How friggin’ cool is that?

MHI:2 is being edited now.  I think I’m getting closer on it. #1 seems to be doing well, so I’m pretty sure #2 will sell.  Then I’ll do another edit pass at TGC:HM and I’ll start submitting it.


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