Autographed Copies of MHI available for sale

Direct from Casa De Correia, autographed copies of MHI, to your door!

It looks like there is enough interest, so I’m going to order a bunch more copies of Monster Hunter International.  You can order them direct from me, and if you want your autograph personalized at all, just include that in the ordering notes. 

I’m going to charge cover price $7.99 + $4 for shipping and handling. (it looks like I can mail a paperback for $2.50 something + I’ve got to buy the padded envelopes, and figure most of you will probably pay with Paypal so that should cover the fees).  

My Paypal is slg2qcorreia AT yahoo DOT com.  That is an S L G, not Sig. It is an old Utah State designation, but I’ve had it for a long time.

If you don’t like Paypal e-mail me at that same address and I’ll send you my mailing address.

I will try to turn these around as quickly as possible. I sold all but a couple of my copies at Saturday’s signing, (not bad for a town with one stoplight!) and am ordering more copies today.

EDIT: Forgot, if you want a patch also, just include another $2.50 and say so. I usually charge $3.00, but that is because I usually have to pay for the stamps too.



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  1. I got my three patches in last week; they look great. I’m putting one on a new hat and one on my range bag. also submitted a patch for the contest. Congratulations on MHI so far. Looking forward to MHI:2…

  2. Got my four patches in last week too. Just sent funds for an autographed copy, and tossed in a couple bucks extra.

  3. Money on the way for my 3rd copy of the book! (And no, THIS one will NOT be loaned out!)

  4. I, too, got my six patches last week. PayPal now sent for six books! Now I’ll have one to loan out (that I bought in stores) that I don’t have to worry about anymore (my original signed copy is in the hands of friends)!

  5. Larry,

    Review is up @ Amazon. Shortly there will be a Paypal for $27 – two patches & two autographed books please!

  6. The last thing I need is an autographed copy. I’m already nervous about taking my autographed copy of the original book out of its secure, undisclosed location. ;) With two such treasures, I’d be a nervous wreck. :)

  7. “Casa de Correia”, eh? Sounds totally hispanic! Duh, of course! Portugese ARE classified as hispanic. Congratulations on being a favored minority. I’m still labeled an evil european-style white male.

  8. Just sent $20 for 1 book and 3 patches… Can’t wait

  9. Larry, look into this:

    I used to use it to ship books almost daily. Cheaper and better than bubble mailers!

    proud owner of EIGHT MHI patches!

  10. Can you ship to APO addresses?

  11. I’ll ship to APO. No problem.

  12. For got to post here, money sent for 2xbooks and 2x patches…

  13. Excellent. I’ve got a few friends who will be bouncing off the walls.

    I’ll tell them when they’re not so high ;-)

  14. Hello—Paypal funds sent for 1 autographed copy of MHI and 1 patch.

    You can thank George Hill; he’s how I discovered, & got interested in your writings, Sir :)

    Best of luck to you & many thanks,

  15. Well, someone likes you — or rather your writing:

  16. I’d likea signed copy of the Greatest Paperback,Ever,and a patch.I don’t do pay pal….how can we make this work?

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