Book signing in Delta Utah tomorrow

I’ll be at Out of the Box in Delta Utah tomorrow from 3-5 doing a Q&A and signing books.

I got my first 1 star review on Amazon!

This is actually great.

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1.0 out of 5 stars Right wing wack job, August 6, 2009
By  David Keith “FurNTats” (Washington, IN) – See all my reviews

Check out the author’s blog before you buy.

Looks like another Fox News Junkie / Right Wing Wack Job.

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I’m getting 5 star reviews like crazy, and even English professors are giving me 4, and the first 3 I got said he still wanted to read the sequels, but leave it to somebody who hasn’t actually read the book to give it a 1 because of my political beliefs. 

Hey… wait a second… wasn’t it the left that was supposed to be like the party of free speech and enlightenment and tolerance and stuff?  Hmmm…. 

I still watch movies with Tim Robbins in them because despite his being a moron, he’s a really good actor (mostly). I will watch Megan Fox run in a tank top (which is as close as she gets to acting anyway). I do draw the line on Rosie O’Donnel, because she’s so obnoxious and unfunny that even if politcally she was Ron Paul the Second I wouldn’t be able to stand her.  How is it that us “right wing whack jobs” are able to still find enjoyment in life?

I read books by people with drastically different political opinions than mine. I’ve posted plugs to my friend Paul Genesses’ Dragon Hunters series a few times, even though we disagree politically, he’s a really nice guy who is earnest in what he believes, and he is a really good writer.  (Seriously, if you want a good fantasy series, pick them up the Golden Cord and Iron Dragon Amazon).

And why is it that when you disagree with the left, you are some sort of “Fox news junkie”?  I never really got that, as my political opinions were formed well in advance of there even being a FOX, or me even having cable. My politcal opinions were formed as a young man watching his home state fall apart under total democrat control, while the industry (farming) that I grew up in, was molested constantly by a bunch of political hacks, and my favorite hobby (guns) was demonized.  Interestingly enough, when I recently got onto Facebook, I found a couple of my best friends from high school. I hadn’t spoken to them in over a decade, but on our info page we’re all right wing leaning libertarians. Go figure. Must be because of all that FOX. 

Actually, I disagree with Bill O’Reilly a lot, because I think he’s too soft on morons, and he buys into global warming.  I get most of my news off the internet.

Well, at least we got that out of the way. The only other really negative review I’ve gotten was on some web forum, where the guy was so filled with hate for me personally that I suspect I must know him somehow, and probably owe him money.  :)

EDIT: And on the other hand, I get reviews like this:  George is one of my early proof readers.  This is good, I hadn’t gotten his Grimnoir feedback yet, but looks like another winner.  George has read a LOT of books.


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