Anybody want autographed copies of MHI?

I’ve had a few people e-mail me about this, and I hadn’t really thought about it too much. 

Show of hands, how many of you would like me to sell some autographed copies of Monster Hunter International off the blog? 

I’d just order them from Amazon (gotta keep those stats up!) and put them out here. They’d just go for the cover price + shipping (meaning that I’ve got to figure out whatever free packaging the post office has that a paperback will fit in). 

Any interest?

I’ve got a signing at a small shop in Delta this weekend. (this one is for Mom), and whatever I’ve got left from that I’ll put out, but after that I’ll need to see about ordering some more.  

I’ll not only sign them with my pathetic squiggly lightning bolt signature, I’ll personalize them if you want, maybe draw some cartoons or something… I don’t know, I’m actually not that creative unless I’m staring at a computer screen.


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