One Last Push – The Monster has landed

Even though the offical release date is still a few days away, I’ve received confirmation that many stores have already put MHI on the shelves and Amazon is actively shipping. 

So now I’m going to ask you a favor, please spread the word, post reviews, tell your friends, stick a plug on your blog, harrass your family, burn a giant happy face into your lawn with Roundup, overthrow a small 3rd world country and name it Correialandia, whatever.  Actually, don’t do the lawn thing, because that’s just kind of weird and creepy. Overthrowing small countries on the other hand… hey, I’m Portuguese. Get three or four of us together and we just start kinda having an inclination to go invade somebody

I’m just really hoping for good stats in the opening month. I’m about to actively embark on selling two more series (Dead Six & Grimnoir) so if I can even show up somewhere relatively decent in the sales stats, it will really help. Plus I’m a capitalist, and money is my friend.  I know I’ve presold a bunch, but I have no idea how many yet.   

If you ordered off of Amazon, please post a review when you’re done. Same with B&N or anywhere else. 

This is it.  Thanks everyone. I couldn’t have done it without you.


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