Good news – Amazon release date moved up

I know a bunch of you preordered MHI from Amazon. They just bumped up the In Stock date two days, so it is now July 26th. Only two days left.  It will be shipping very soon.

For those of you that got it from there, I’d like to ask a favor. When you get done, write an honest review on Amazon.  Thanks.

8 Responses

  1. Fantastic! I’ll definitely put up a review when I’m done.

  2. You got it, boss…

  3. Just got the notification email from amazon. It shipped Today!

  4. Are you sure you don’t want us to give it the “Three Dog Moon” treatment?

    We can make it more famous than Tuscan Whole Milk.

  5. I bought 2 copies from the local Barnes and Noble in Raleigh, NC today.
    They had 10-12 copies already on the shelves.

  6. Great!!!!

    Getting closer!!!

  7. Got the book online. Loved it! When’s the next one??????

  8. I preordered it from amazon back on January 7th, and when I checked the order status it shows an estimated ship date of July 31. :( for me, but hopefully that means the whole first batch they got went to people who ordered even earlier then me.

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