I'm really digging on the Facebook thing

For those of you that have been bugging me to join up, thank you.  You were right, I was wrong. Mea culpa.

I have found a bunch of folks that I haven’t spoken to in years. I’ve run into my best friend from high school. I’ve found old mission buddys that I haven’t seen in a decade. And a few folks I was glad to see that they were still alive. (because for some fo them, it was questionable).

There was already an MHI fan club, (thanks Miguel) which is still kind of shocking. Overall, I’ve had a great time dinking around there.

Preliminary book signing tour schedule
Has anyone used one of the Magnolia State Armory .223 Saiga adapters?

My pleasure. You thought those books were sold in a vacuum? Your fans are out there and having a ball having you around. And stay away from Mafia Wars….

Don Gwinn

I like seeing which of my high school classmates hooked up. Some of them are still together.


I’ll second that motion on you avoiding Mafia Wars. Actually, just avoid every application on there that even vaguely resembles a game, just to play it safe. We can’t have things like that cutting into your writing time.


STAY AWAY FROM KYLOMG! You will rue the day you join in our asshattery.


…And rue it HARD.


Great to see you on Facebook! =)