Busy week

It has been a really interesting week for me.   This week featured M-Day. My book hit stores and seems to be doing really well. Monster Hunter International has been plugged and reviewed from one end of the blogosphere to the other. I even got a plug on Instapundit.com. 

I’m still doing okay on Amazon, but I don’t really know how to put those stats into context yet. #14 in fantasy, in the 600s overall. Does that mean I sold a hundred books? A thousand? Ten thousand? Beats the heck out of me.  All I know is that for three days I was ahead of every single one of Stephen King’s novels.  Sure, he doesn’t have anything new out right now, but it is still good for my ego for a few minutes. Must be all those soldiers that are too ‘illiterate’ to understand him, that are buying my stuff…  I kid, I kid, Mr. King, please don’t have me killed by demonic clowns.

Reviews so far have been uniformly good. Surprisingly enough, I’ve only gotten a couple of negative ones. I don’t really mind. Everyone has their own tastes. Like I can’t read Jane Austen, but my wife loves her, so obviously I probably shouldn’t review Jane Austen. Unless it is the new one with zombies, because that is on my reading list. 

Speaking of reading list, I’m going to take a brief break from writing now that The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic, 1st Draft is done.   I’ve got a ton of stuff that I need to read. I just started Marko Kloos’ novel, and it is really good so far. Then a really good friend of mine just sent me her new book (don’t know if she wants me to say who she is), and I’m looking forward to reading it, and then I’ve got a fantasy novel that I read the 1st draft several months ago, and it has been cleaned up and I’ve got that too… Whew…

Not to mention that I’m trying to read some Dave Farland, because I’m going to be doing several book signings with him, and I’d never been familiar with Dave’s work before. I’m reading the Runelords right now, and it is a great series so far. Then I’ve got Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker sitting there, that I want to read also because I enjoyed Mistborn so much.  

Really, once you become a writer, it totally kills your reading/video game/TV time.  I’ve watched maybe an hour of TV in the last week, and it was the Discovery channel show about surviving the apocalypse.  (though I’d have dropped about two dozen of the raiders by now… I’m just saying) I’m even behind in B movies!  I’ve only read a couple of books so far this whole summer. Paul Gennesse’s 2nd novel in the Iron Dragon series, The Dragon Hunters (great series, check it out), and Dan Well’s I am Not a Serial Killer, which is a cross between horror and teen drama, only this is not a teen you want your kids to relate with. Also a great book.

Reader Force Alpha has mostly gotten back to me on the rough draft of Grimnoir, with the exception of the Goddess Bellona, who is busy smiting evil with her flaming sword. (Correia taps foot impatiently…)  So far, so good. Everyone is loving this one. I’m really excited and I’m eager to get my newer stuff out there.  People don’t realize that I wrote MHI in 2006. I finished #2 a long time ago. I’ve written several other books since MHI, and that is a lot of practice. I feel like I’ve grown as a writer over the last three years.

In non-book news, my Dad got his knee replaced. Which is good, because the pain was killing him.

We went to my wife’s family reunion. I only have three cousins, total. My wife has 62 first cousins. The reunion was so large that they had to have color coded name tags so everyone would know which branch you belonged to.

And it was the first week of school.  No wonder I’m so dang worn out this week!

More language help for Grimnoir. German this time

It was Japanese last week. Okay, German speakers.  What does this say?

Lassen Sie uns bitte sterben

Time to see if Babelfish is close enough.

We’ve reached a new high

Amazon.com Sales Rank: #662 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)

#15 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
#29 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Contemporary
#36 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction

Hmmm… maybe I should get linked by ultimate mega blogs more often?  Now all I need to do is go on Glenn Beck and I’ll know that I’ve made it.  Maybe my bishop can call his bishop and hook a brother up? Unless Glenn read my story, The Christmas Noun… uh oh. 

Seriously though, you guys are amazing. You’ve gone out and spread the word, shook the trees, cleaned out bookstores across the nation.  I think MHI has gone viral, and I owe it to the fans kicking butt and taking names.

In other news, my first signing is in Delta Utah on August 8th. I don’t know if anybody who reads MHN lives in Delta, but if you do, come by and say hi. I graduated Delta High in ’93.  Go Rabbits! This first signing is for my mom.

I’ll be on Gun Nuts Radio with Caleb and Breda on August 4th. They do a great show and I believe I’ve got them linked over in the links section, and if not, I know I’ve got Breda’s blog there.

 I’ll admit, when I heard that I’d been linked by Instapundit, all the hair on my arms stood up, and I got a little nauseous. Our Technology Manager found me wandering in the halls. He said I looked a little pale.  I called my wife and told her, and she said, “Like the one they talk about on the news, like Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly level stuff?” Yep. That’s the one.  “Well, I was just hoping you’d sell enough copies to cover the advance.”

The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic is getting revised as the comments from Reader Force Alpha come back. So far, so good.  I still need to do some more tweaking there. Then it is off to meld the two halves of Dead Six together. And then I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to have to go back and start working on MHI:2 The Rough Draftening to tighten it up. Somewhere in there, I’ve got several books to read from friends, one of which I’ve already started and really like, another that I read the rough draft a year ago and really liked, and the last one from a member of Reader Force Alpha.

It has been good that I’ve been so tangled up in writing, because everytime I stray from the computer to watch the news, it gives me a headace. I’m reminded that even though I’m a professional fantasy author, I can’t make this kind of crap up. Sure, I just got done writing a world of death rays, battle zeppelins, undead, magic, and teleporting ninjas, but the whole healthcare thing is just way too far fetched.  Come on, I couldn’t sell an editor on the idea that the government is going to take something over and make it cheaper and more efficient, let alone the country.

EDIT: because I just jumped another 200 places in the last hour.  If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go have a moment to freak out.

EDIT 2: Because it just dropped another 100.

EDIT 3: Dropped some more. Brain exploded. Got all over monitor.

MHI just got linked on Instapundit


Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but according to that blog ecosystem thingy, I’m like an insect, and Mad Ogre or Lawdog or Preacherman are like mammals, then I’m pretty sure pajamasmedia is like friggin’ Galactus or something. 

So where will MHI end up next? FOX news? Holy crap.

#1 with a bullet

Well, not quite, but it feels that way! 

Amazon.com Sales Rank: #1,036 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)

#22 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
#33 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Contemporary
#47 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction

That is higher than I have ever been before! You guys rock to a shockingly high degree.

EDIT: Because it got even better

Patch contest reminder – On until end of August

I’m putting this link because it has fallen off the first page:


We’ve got a bunch more entries, and they are great.

IN STOCK! and cruising up the charts!

Yesterday I had volunteered to work a security shift in the morning, and then a traffic/parking control shift in the evening for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple openhouse.  (estimated 24,000 visitors yesterday) So I woke up this morning, sun-burned, dehydrated, tired, head-achey, and just all around grumpy, until I went onto Amazon and saw this:

In Stock.

And then I saw this:

Amazon.com Sales Rank: #1,692 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)

#55 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
#86 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Contemporary
#94 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction

And then I went and checked my e-mails and blog posts. MHI is now on every shelf, everywhere. People are reading my book!  Reviews (99% good) are going up.  I’m stoked.

One Last Push – The Monster has landed

Even though the offical release date is still a few days away, I’ve received confirmation that many stores have already put MHI on the shelves and Amazon is actively shipping. 

So now I’m going to ask you a favor, please spread the word, post reviews, tell your friends, stick a plug on your blog, harrass your family, burn a giant happy face into your lawn with Roundup, overthrow a small 3rd world country and name it Correialandia, whatever.  Actually, don’t do the lawn thing, because that’s just kind of weird and creepy. Overthrowing small countries on the other hand… hey, I’m Portuguese. Get three or four of us together and we just start kinda having an inclination to go invade somebody

I’m just really hoping for good stats in the opening month. I’m about to actively embark on selling two more series (Dead Six & Grimnoir) so if I can even show up somewhere relatively decent in the sales stats, it will really help. Plus I’m a capitalist, and money is my friend.  I know I’ve presold a bunch, but I have no idea how many yet.   

If you ordered off of Amazon, please post a review when you’re done. Same with B&N or anywhere else. 

This is it.  Thanks everyone. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Good news – Amazon release date moved up

I know a bunch of you preordered MHI from Amazon. They just bumped up the In Stock date two days, so it is now July 26th. Only two days left.  It will be shipping very soon.

For those of you that got it from there, I’d like to ask a favor. When you get done, write an honest review on Amazon.  Thanks.

Fisking the crap out of Obama’s Socilaized Medicine commercial

The anti-idiotarian rottweiler absolutely demolishes the chOsen One.



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