HK hates you, but they especially hate Airsofters

Apparently H und K is now suing every manufacturer of Airsoft guns for copyright infringement…


Oh, you have no idea the delicious irony of this moment. See, when I wrote my “HK, because you suck, and we hate you” rant a couple of years ago, I did it as somebody in the gun business who didn’t like the way they did business. As a store owner and NFA guy, HK was a pain in the rear to deal with. Since that time, that one rant has gotten more hits than anything that I’ve ever written, and I get constant hate mail from people who tell me I’m a big-stupid-mean-jerk-face for not worshipping at the altar of Teutonic superiority.


Ironically, most of that hate mail has come from Airsofters. My rant has shown up on every forum you can think of, including ones in German, French, and Slovokian (I think). I can always tell when those links get posted because then I then get fifty e-mails telling me how stupid and poor I am, and that I need to go play with my Rugers because I must be too poor to appreciate real guns.


Oh, wait, Ruger makes a piston AR now too… So how are you guys enjoying those HK 416s that you all swore to me would be available TWO YEARS ago? Oh, yes, I know, Delta Force uses the 416… It really is that awesome. I’m sure it is the finest killing machine ever forged by the hand of man or god, but you just can’t have one, because you still suck, and they still hate you.


One day I’m sure that HK will make 416s available for civilians for twice as much money as their competitors, and then I’ll get a couple thousand e-mails telling me how stupid and wrong I was several years after I posted the rant… The internet is timeless in its own way. So you guys just keep your fingers crossed, and I’m sure your 416 will be delivered by a magic leprechaun riding a pegasus, and it will only be years after every other gun company in the world has already been selling thousands of copies of whatever their assault rifle is in the US for less money.


Heck, I’m waiting for the Marlin Advanced Combat Rifle to come out the same time as the Perazzi forward-ejecting Battle Bullpup.


Oh, man, I’m laughing out loud as I type this. Because all those Airsofters who’ve given me crap are now getting sued by HK! Not only do they not want you to have their real guns, they don’t want you to own toys that look like their guns. That’s a whole new level of hate.


Ironically, this is about the stupidest thing they could have done from a business perspective. So either the Airsoft manufacturers will pay them a tiny royalty, or more likely they will just alter the design enough not to be a trademark violation. If HK was a normal company, they would realize that they’re kicking their fan base and their stalwart internet defenders in the crotch, but you’ve got to remember that actually hating the people who purchase their products is standard operating procedure there.


It seems like every other gun company I’ve dealt with actually encourages Airsoft companies to make guns of theirs available to the public, because that just increases brand awareness. It is just like getting their gun put into a movie as a prop. It doesn’t hurt their overall sales. What… you were totally going to buy that USP .45, but went with the one that shot plastic BBs instead because of the cost?

MHI ships in ONE MONTH!

We are now exactly one month away from the shipping of the Baen edition of Monster Hunter International. I’m positively giddy. If I get a little too giddy, I’ll just watch the news to bring me back down, but until then I’m eagerly awaiting July 28th.

When I signed my contract with Baen and discontinued the Print On Demand version of MHI, it seemed like it would be forever until it was available again. During that time I wrote two and a half other books.  I can’t believe that it is time.

MHI is available from Amazon:

Barnes & Nobel:

Tower Books:  Now this one is by far the cheapest at $6.79, but I’ve never purchased from Tower and don’t know anything about them. (though they lumped me into Christian Romance, which doesn’t make any sense at all, but I’ve been dominating! Take that Romantic Christians!)

Baen’s Webscriptions E-Books plus this has Seven FREE SAMPLE chapters.


It should be in your local book stores. I’ve called every Barnes & Nobel in Utah, and they’re all ordering between 8-12 copies to start, which seems decent as far as I know. My county library system has ordered a dozen.

If you are a long time fan of MHI, all I ask is to go out and harrass your friends until they’re sick of you, and then go harrass complete strangers until they purchase this book. If you take your harrassment too far (which I don’t hardly think is even possible) then you can inform all the other folks on your cell-block about the sheer coolness that is MHI.

Then when it releases, I need everybody to go to Amazon and post an honest review. I said honest, not mean. You know the kind of Amazon review I’m talking about: “Moby Dick, there was far too much whale action in this book, or at least in the first chapter that I skimmed. I hate whales. They’re like all fat and eat plankton and stuff. Plankton is stupid and so is Herman Mellville! 1 star!”

I’m doing the happy dance. Picture a large man that looks like Tony Soprano doing an end zone dance, and you’ve got the basic idea. One month and counting!

A cartoon from 1948

Say what you will about it, but can you even imagine somebody making this today? And that probably says more than anything.


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