Behold the Awesome- MHI logo STI grips

I received a mysterious package in the mail the other day from my buddy Rabbit.  (he’s on MHI Team Texas) He had a little something for my bedside STI. 

Behold the awesome, created by Jim at Getn Grip  They look even better in person.  Thanks, amigo.

Writing Update

We’ve come up with a new title for the second Nightcrawler book. The series is now:

Dead Six

Swords of Exodus

Project Blue

Dead Six is getting closer to having this draft done. We’re doing some revamping now. I’m hoping to start submitting this one soon.  Dead Six is the name of a rogue black operation in the mid-east. Exodus is a pseudo-religious sorta-terrorist organization dedicated to ending slavery (and Swords are their warriors), and Project Blue is a secret plot to change the world, but you’ll have to work up to that.

MHI has been doing really well on Amazon. We’re down to just over a month left before shipping.  I’ve checked every Barnes & Nobel in my region, and they’ve all ordered between 8 and 12 books each, which seems like a decent start. It looks like I’ll be doing book signings at three of them, dates will be posted when I’ve got them.  I might be doing a multi-state mega-roadtrip in October and ending up at the World Fantasy Convention. I’m not sure yet though. My real job is sending me back to San Antonio in October also, so I’ll have to talk to my buddy Rabbit down there and see which book stores I should contact.  (which reminds me, I’ll be posting some pics tomorrow of a present he sent me for my STI! MHI Logo custom grips!) I don’t have the discretionary budget to fly wherever I want (yet) so if my regular job is sending me someplace, I’ll be darned if I won’t squeeze a signing in while I’m there.

MHI:2 is still on the publisher’s desk.

I’m still cranking on the Grimnoir Chronicles. Now that I’ve come up with plots for at least two more books, this one is now called The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic.  Think of it as Raymond Chandler meets David Eddings and you’ve got the general idea.  This can’t even really be called Contemporary Fantasy, since it takes place on Earth, but in an alternate 1932.  I’m loving this one.

I don’t know if it just my personal politics shining through, but I find it interesting how much the FDR of my world has in common with the Emperor from Star Wars…


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