CONduit this weekend

CONduit will be at the SLC Radisson Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

I will be on the following panels:

Sat. 4:00 PM: The Mike Show
Sun. 2:00 PM: My Favorite Books
Sun. 4:00 PM: Aspiring Writer’s Q&A

Drop by and say hi.

On the Favorite books panel, I will be up there with Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary. I’ve not met Howard before, but I’ve liked his webcomic ever since finding a link to it on THR like five years ago. I look forward to meeting him.

The Aspiring Writers panel should be good. Eric James Stone is on there. Great guy, and writer of some of the best short stories I’ve read. You can find him in Orson Scott Card’s latest compendium.

Paul Genesse is on the same panel. The very first panel I ever did was one of his at MountainCON.  This is a very good read. and the sequel has just been released. (haven’t read it yet, but will be buying a copy at the CON).  If you haven’t read the Golden Cord yet, I recommend picking it up. It is Paul’s first book, and opens up an interesting world that has a ton of potential.

I’m looking forward to CONduit.


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