I've got more MHI patches

 I had a batch made up so that the Baen sales reps could give them out ot bookstore buyers. I’ve got about 100 left.

If you want any, they are $3 each, and that covers shipping.  You can paypal me at slg2qcorreia AT (that is a L in there, not an I in the slg part). If you don’t have paypal, post here and I’ll e-mail you a mailing address.

45 Responses to I've got more MHI patches

  1. TXGunGeek says:

    Funds sent. Now I can go home after work! Thanks.

  2. Daniel says:

    I have sent the funds. I have been waiting for this since I read the book for the first time.

  3. Robert says:

    I want one but I do not have PayPal. Email is rfortier1796 at gmail . com

  4. Brad says:


    Sign me up, buddy! I’d like 2 please.

  5. Brian Dale says:

    I don’t have PayPal; there’s a USPS MO headed your way. Thanks!

  6. LawDog says:

    Please send a mailing address to and I’ll get $3 in the mail.


  7. kickapoo says:

    Okay, I give up. How do I “paypal you”

  8. Funds sent for 2 patches via PayPal.

    Linking to this on my site.


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  10. Stan says:

    Are these Iron on or Sew on patches?

  11. correia45 says:

    Sew on.

    Thanks guys. It looks like I should have ordered some more!

  12. Miguel says:

    Order for 3 patches placed! Now I can finally have one sewn in my IDPA Matches Vest and one goes in a cap.

  13. emdfl says:

    Ditto for the mailing address to I think you tried to send one to me after I bought your edition of the first book, but they got short-stopped along the way.

  14. jd says:

    I’d like one. Emailing addy is


  15. randy says:

    2 ordered through PayPal.

    Looking forward to the Baen release

  16. Steve says:

    Speaking of the Baen release, the webscriptions August 2009 release is “half-released.”

    Yup, half of MHI is now available for download after you pay the $15 for the full August webscription, along with five other books (also halfs) in the sub.

  17. Steve says:

    The first seven chapters are available to read for free…

    The current “half” release has 15 chapters available, and the rest should be along shortly.

  18. David says:

    I’m ordering 3 through Paypal! Thanks Larry!

  19. Dillis Freeman says:

    Order and payment sent for two patches.

  20. AJD says:

    Payment sent for 2 patches!

  21. Martin Goodman says:

    I’d like 2 please. One if the demand is high.

  22. Swiss Southerner says:

    I’d like 2 patches. Email at


  23. Monte says:

    My $6 is on it’s way to you.
    Thanks, Larry.

  24. MIchael says:

    Yippee! $12 sent for four!

  25. stevie reno says:

    hey , I want a full set of all the teams :fire-breathing warthogs, assassins, Samurai Jack, etc.

  26. andy-in-japan says:

    Can you ship to Japan?

    I’m in the middle of chapter 5 now… curse you… it’s an hour after my bedtime here!!

  27. correia45 says:

    Andy, sure no problem. You would know better than me what the shipping is like, so stick some extra on there for postage.

  28. Joe Speer says:

    I’ll take two if you have them.

  29. Craig Wells says:

    Larry, loved the book – would love four of the patches!


  30. Jeff says:

    I would love 2 of the patches. Looking forward to the new release of the book.

  31. Daniel says:

    Got my patch, love it
    Thanks larry

  32. perlhaqr says:

    I’ve got one from the first go ’round, but if you ever do some in desert camo colors, I’m all over that. Though, I suppose that should be Team Haven’s patch. :D

  33. randy says:

    Received my two today. Thanks!

  34. Derius Thoran says:

    Please send an address to and I will get you the funds for 1 possibly 2 patches in the mail straight away. Thanks. Also If you have any paper versions of the book left in stock, I would love to buy one too. Seven chapters are not enough!

  35. Dillis Freeman says:


    Drop me a line when you get a chance at I had a question for you.


  36. Miguel says:

    Got my patches! Thanks Larry!

  37. Swiss Southerner says:

    I received my patches in the mail today. Thanks!

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  39. David says:

    I would like to buy a patch from you please Is there a probpleam to sending to the UK I will send more funds thanks

  40. Bo says:

    How did I never see this?

    Hey, Larry, you have any left?

    MHI Murray needs two.

  41. ryanahorst says:

    Order (and payment) sent. Hope you still have some left, Larry!

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