On the Swine Flu

http://www.atomicnerds.com/?p=2182 This is the best summary I’ve seen so far. Atomic Nerds breaks down why we probably shouldn’t start a massive freak out just yet.

That said, it is still one more excuse for me to hurry up and move to the country where I can build my End of the World Bunkerplex.

3 Responses

  1. The reason the death toll seems to go down in the US is because the CDC sends the zombies back to their homes and work after they re-animate.

    They are keeping mum in order to minimize any violence against the metabolically different.

    Rejoice, undead immortality is almost upon us!

  2. With an airborne pathogen such as the flu, isolating yourself probably won’t help all that much. The “Spanish” flu spread to virtually every spot on earth.

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