People have been asking about Webscriptions for MHI

I’ve never read an E-book. I’m already half blind from staring at a computer all day. But I know that a lot of people love their books in E format, so here you go.

I’m finally close enough to be on the Baen catalog!

On August. Hooray!

Tower books has MHI listed, and I’m surprisingly high on the Christian Romance best seller list…

Okay, that’s a new one. I don’t know who decided I belonged in that particular genre.  But then again, I was like #68 in books about TV shows from the 1980s on Amazon. Since MHI isn’t a romance, and isn’t particularly religious, I’m just glad somebody bought a copy!

  • #99 in Christian – Romance (See Top 100 Christian – Romance Bestsellers)

    More quotes from current writing project

    More made up quotes.

    I do not know why almighty God saw fit to give to man, within this very decade, magicks of the elements and a quickening of the mind, Powers beyond reason and comprehension, and spells of energy and the spirit, when we were already so poised to destroy ourselves on our own. We enter tumultuous times. Left to our own devices I believe that I could stay this nation’s course, to hold this Union firm, but now I fear. Only five years have passed since the magicians began to appear seemingly at random from our people and I know not where this path will lead.

    Oh why, Lord, did you see fit to give that accursed Stonewall Jackson the strength of ten?    

    Abraham Lincoln, Document discovered in the Smithsonian Archives, date unknown



    It was nearly eleven o’clock – an immensely late hour for those latitudes – but the whole town was still gathered in the Gatlinburg courthouse yard, listening to the disputes of theologians. The Snopes trial had brought them in from all directions. There was a friar wearing a sandwich sign announcing that he was the Bible champion of the world. There was a Seventh Day Adventist arguing that Clarence Darrow was the beast with seven heads and ten horns described in Revelation XIII, and that the end of the world was at hand. A charlatan magician was escorted from the premises for pulling a rabbit from a hat, while nearby a fundamentalist of the Merlin-Baptists pontificated on the epistles of St. Paul while shooting lightning from his eyes and none dared interrupt that sermon.  There was the eloquent Dr. T.T. Martin, of Blue Mountain, Miss. Come to town with a truck-load of torches (the wooden, not the human kind) and hymn-books to put Darwin in his place. There was a singing brother bellowing apocalyptic hymns. There was William Jennings Bryan, followed everywhere by a gaping crowd. It was better than the circus.

    H.L. Mencken, Editorial in the Baltimore Mercurium about the Tennessee Magic-Monkey Trial. 1926



    People ask me how I do it. It is hard to explain. There is just this thing inside, like a battery. It charges up on its own, and I can turn it on when I really need it. The battery runs down fast, too fast, and it takes time to charge back up, but when it is on… I can feel the individual pistons thumping, the air over the wings, I can see the propeller turning… everything. It is like time slows down. Well, mister, let’s just say that when I’m on, I own that sky.

    Lt. James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle, Interview after breaking the world airspeed record in a Curtiss R4C Parasite 1927

    Somebody asked what genre this was going to be in the last thread, and I said “Noir/Fantasy/Pulp/Magic/Alternative History/Gangster/Great War/Zeppelin/Ninja/Super Science action.”  Since that is a little unweildy, I’m calling it Grimnoir. A Grimoire is old French for a book of spells. Noir is French for black, and Film Noir is the style based on the hard boiled detectives genre. So instead of NFPMAHGGWZNSSA I’ll just say Grimnoir. (pronounced Grim Nwarr, because I can’t speak French)  

    Untitled Project Update

    Another 10,000 words, and after a trip to the library, I’ve been reading a massive stack of history books.

    I’ve got three different textbooks on the 20s and 30s, three books on the Great War, a book on the Russian Revolution, one about the Meiji Restoration, another about Japan vs. the Russians, a history of Japan interwar, and a couple of big photo books of the Jazz Age and Great Depression.

    Anybody know a good place to download free (legal) music from the time period? It isn’t like Armstrong or Jolson are collecting royalties anymore.

    A bit from another fiction project

    When I was at the BYU writing conference, there was a lot of talk about different types of Fantasy, and how most fantasy was just a rehash of LOTR.  This got me thinking about fantasy settings that would be different. I suppose Monster Hunter International is technically a fantasy, but I thought I might to do something that wasn’t set in the modern world.

    I’ve also wanted to do an alternate history for awhile, but didn’t really have any ideas. But I am a geek for the classical firearms of the interwar period.

    Then I was having a conversation about writing with Nightcrawler on the phone. We started talking about how cool certain things would be in a book, and then it just kind of spiraled out of control from there.

    I haven’t posted anything this week because I’ve been writing and researching. I’ve been on an ever widening Wiki search, and that directed me to other areas of research. I’ve probably spent 40 hours researching this week, and then when I finally sat down to write a small vignette, just to get the flavor, I ended up writing for 12 straight hours. Mrs. Correia said that I got out of bed in the morning, got on the computer, and then got off to eat dinner. I don’t remember, I was in a sort of idiot-savant state, and when I went to bed, I lay awake until almost dawn because my brain kept coming up with new ideas. 

    I wrote 10,000 words in one sitting.

    So yeah, I’m a little bit excited about this project. I’m not going to give out a lot of details yet, but here are a few utterly fabricated quotes from various people in this era.

    Once again, these actual people never said these things. This is just for me to give my project some history and flavor. I took actual famous quotes so I could get a feel for their language, and then tweaked accordingly.

    One general law, leading to the advancement of all organic beings, namely, multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die. The appearance of esoteric and etheral abiliites, magikal fires and feats of strength, in recent decades are the purest demonstration of natural selection. Surely, in time, that general law will require the extinction of traditional man.

    Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Man and Selection of Human Magikal Abilities, 1879

    As an eminent pioneer in the realm of high frequency currents, I congratulate you on the great success of your life’s work, but I am of the sad belief that your Peace Ray may have been inappropriately named.

    Albert Einstein, Letter to Nikola Tesla for Tesla’s 75th Birthday 1931

    Gentlemen, we have now reached the last point. If anyone of you doesn’t mean business let him say so now. An hour from now will be too late to back out. Once in, you’ve got to see it through. You’ve got to perform without flinching whatever duty is assigned you, regardless of the difficulty or the danger attending it. If it is steering the clouds and calling down lightning. If it is hurling fire or steel. If it is breaking the German’s willl or dragging their Battle Zeppelins from the sky. If it is the closest kind of fighting, be anxious for it. You must know your Power, how to shoot, and how to stay alive. No matter what comes you mustn’t squeal. Think it over — all of you. If any man wishes to withdraw he will be gladly excused, for others are ready to take his place.

    General Theodore Roosevelt, From speech given to 1st Volunteer Brigade (Active) before second battle of the Somme 1917


    As soon as the idea was introduced that all men were equal before God, that world was bound to collapse. Behold the failed American, a culture steeped in rot, their magics used publicly in the streets, without control, even allowed to the despicable Jew.

    Adolph Hitler, Final Munich speech before his arrest and execution by firing squad,1929

    You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun. A smile, a gun, and a Brute gets you the key to the city.

    Al “Scarface” Capone, Interview 1930



    I am by heritage a Jew, by citizenship a Swiss, by magical gift a Cog, and by makeup a human being, and only a human being, without any special attachment to any state or national entity whatsoever.

    Albert Einstein, Letter to Alfred Knesser, 1919



    The learned gentlemen from the university have asked me if I relied on Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity or if I used the simpler rules of Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation on the evening in question when I accidentally took Sheriff Johnson’s life . S***. I don’t know. I just got angry and squished the ***ker. But I’ve gotten better at running things and I promise not to do it no more.

    Jake Sullivan, Parole Hearing, Rockville State Penitentiary 1928



    I guess you could say I’m a little excited about this one.


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