More on the Dell Power Supply

I got lots of great offers of help, which is greatly appreciated. But I needed to post more information.

It came with a Dell Inspirion

65W-AC Adapter

Model No: LA65NS0-00

PA-12 Family

DP/N: DF263


Input: AC 100-240V – 1.5A(1.5A)


Output: DC 19.5V(19.5V) 3.34A(3.34A)

But now I’m worried that it isn’t the powersupply and that I broke the solder on the laptop itself. Darn it. I’m using my desktop, which is very old and slow, and it is in my “office” which is an unfinished room in the basement that is 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house. (which is good for the food storage though!) So it isn’t conducive to writing.


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