Anybody got a Dell laptop Power Supply sitting around they aren’t using?

I do most of my writing on a Dell laptop. The battery is toast and only lasts about 1 minute if not plugged in, so I just keep in plugged in.  But that’s been fritzing out, so if you bump it, or look at it funny, it quits charging, and then 1 minute later the laptop hibernates. Which sucks when you’re on a 5,000 word writing spree and you have to keep stopping to jiggle your cord. (and yes, I know how that sounds)

Radio Shack has a universal laptop power supply, but it is $99. Which seems absurd for something that probably cost $3 to make in China.

So do any of you guys have a laptop power supply sitting around that you aren’t using? Mine is a Dell 65W-AC Adapter. Model No. LA65NS-0-00.  PA-12 family.

I don’t know if these things interchange, but I just need something, that preferably doesn’t cost $99.


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