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Tower books has MHI listed, and I'm surprisingly high on the Christian Romance best seller list…

Okay, that’s a new one. I don’t know who decided I belonged in that particular genre.  But then again, I was like #68 in books about TV shows from the 1980s on Amazon. Since MHI isn’t a romance, and isn’t particularly religious, I’m just glad somebody bought a copy!

  • #99 in Christian – Romance (See Top 100 Christian – Romance Bestsellers)

    I'm finally close enough to be on the Baen catalog!
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    Tim Covington

    Well, I have MHI pre-ordered from Amazon. That reminds me, I need to ask her and see if they will be releasing an e-ARC.


    Looked like a christian romance to me.

    Everyone there believes in vampires, ghost, demons, etc … if you see an actual Vampire recoil from a cross, then you have proof that the cross has some kind of power … QED.

    And there is plenty of bodice ripping … just before the disemboweling, of course … gotta get that bodice out of the way.

    Don Gwinn

    Your blog popped up “New Yaoi Releases” as a possibly related post, too. Maybe you defy categorization.


    I’m a confident heterosexual ( Rustlers’ Rhapsody reference there … ), but:

    It’s a respected Anime genre. I point to it every time some militant queer gets himself in a snit when some /b’tard on 4chan uses “gay” as an insult.

    In anime circles, it doesn’t mean what you might think it means ( think “gay” = “asexual fan-boy ” if you want a proper translation ).


    Dude, you may not consider MHI to be religion, but those of us who attend Our Undead Lady of the Blessed Saiga beg to differ.

    Steve F.

    Baen now has it “officially” on their schedule, which means it should be available via webscriptions sooner rather than later.


    I think I’ll give MHI-Yaoiboy a miss. That and MHI-Tubgirl.

    Not my cuppa. I’m sure someone will buy it, however.


    You big Christian, you…