Tower books has MHI listed, and I'm surprisingly high on the Christian Romance best seller list…

Okay, that’s a new one. I don’t know who decided I belonged in that particular genre.  But then again, I was like #68 in books about TV shows from the 1980s on Amazon. Since MHI isn’t a romance, and isn’t particularly religious, I’m just glad somebody bought a copy!

  • #99 in Christian – Romance (See Top 100 Christian – Romance Bestsellers)

    10 Responses to Tower books has MHI listed, and I'm surprisingly high on the Christian Romance best seller list…

    1. Well, I have MHI pre-ordered from Amazon. That reminds me, I need to ask her and see if they will be releasing an e-ARC.

    2. Kristopher says:

      Looked like a christian romance to me.

      Everyone there believes in vampires, ghost, demons, etc … if you see an actual Vampire recoil from a cross, then you have proof that the cross has some kind of power … QED.

      And there is plenty of bodice ripping … just before the disemboweling, of course … gotta get that bodice out of the way.

    3. Don Gwinn says:

      Your blog popped up “New Yaoi Releases” as a possibly related post, too. Maybe you defy categorization.

    4. correia45 says:

      Yaoi? Is that what I think it is… Damn. Penny Arcade says yes.

      Ewwww…. Gross…

    5. Kristopher says:

      I’m a confident heterosexual ( Rustlers’ Rhapsody reference there … ), but:

      It’s a respected Anime genre. I point to it every time some militant queer gets himself in a snit when some /b’tard on 4chan uses “gay” as an insult.

      In anime circles, it doesn’t mean what you might think it means ( think “gay” = “asexual fan-boy ” if you want a proper translation ).

    6. correia45 says:

      Hey man, I’ll write whatever sells more books… :)

    7. mlccomms says:

      Dude, you may not consider MHI to be religion, but those of us who attend Our Undead Lady of the Blessed Saiga beg to differ.

    8. Steve F. says:

      Baen now has it “officially” on their schedule, which means it should be available via webscriptions sooner rather than later.

    9. Kristopher says:

      I think I’ll give MHI-Yaoiboy a miss. That and MHI-Tubgirl.

      Not my cuppa. I’m sure someone will buy it, however.

    10. John says:

      You big Christian, you…

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