Here it comes again. Eric Holder says Barack is going to ban guns

Hey, blue dog democrats who post here and keep telling me that democrats don’t want to take my guns… when the head of the Justice Department says that the President wants to push through another ban, I should take that to mean… what exactly?

It is coming. Mark my words. They’ve already demonstrated that they don’t care what America wants. They know what’s best. They’re going to do what they want. Might as well throw this on the pile.  I’m not in the gun business anymore, so maybe I won’t get accused of fear mongering or profiteering this time, but if you want guns, don’t screw around. Get them now.

I also like how Mexico’s brutal drug war is now the fault of American guns. So we need to pass another AWB to protect the failed state of Mexico from itself…  Under Clinton’s ban, innercity gangs slaughtering each other was somehow the fault of flyover America. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t my fault, but I’m really damn sure that my guns aren’t causing the Zetas to slaughter rival drug lords.

Well, Eric Holder already said we’re cowards. I guess he’s thinking we’re going to be cowards about this too.

I think he might be mistaken.


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