Gone Shootin'

I went shooting with Nightcrawler on Friday. I’ve got two guns that I’m reviewing for SWAT. One I just picked up, the other I’ve been playing with for awhile. I’m about done with the DSA AR, and just need to get a few more detail shots. It is one nice gun. This was the first time I got to really play with the GP6, and holy crap it is fast. It has the best factory production trigger of any double action I have ever felt, period, and that is on a $600 polymer gun. I’ve felt better double action triggers on tuned customs, like Ernie Langdon Sigs, things like that, but on a production polymer gun? This thing is amazing.

Mike takes great photos too. Check out how pretty Utah is. The 16″ is the DSA. I’ve got a Millet 1-4X on it.

The big AR in the glamour shot is my DMR/coyote gun. It is an old Rock River 20″, from back when they gave a damn. It is also the single most accurate gun I own.  

4 Responses

  1. Great pix! Anxious to read details, especially about GP6 accuracy.

  2. I was shooting in the exact same spot today (Sunday)

  3. Very big. Very bald. Very heavily armed.

  4. When the GP6 is available in .45, call me. I want one, sure. But I’ve got a 9 (Kel-Tec P-11). I’ve got a .45 Commander, and a full-size 9×23 1911. If I can get gee-whiz Tupperware in .45, I’ll spend some more money. I rather like the PX-4 Beretta too, but not quite enough to spend the money yet. We shall see.

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