Last night I was playing Call of Duty: World At War and my XBox 360 crashed. It was the dreaded Red Ring Of Death. This is my 2nd XBox that has done this, but at least this one is still under warranty.  I guess this is why they call it the Crash Box.

The sad thing is that I’m currently an unemployed writer. I need that Xbox like a crack head needs a fix. Maybe this is God telling me that I should be writing more.

Well, at least I managed to have the best multiplayer game of my life the night before. Ground War on Cliffside. 57 kills, 13 deaths. My FG42 was an extension of my murderous will, my bouncy bettys were at every turn, and I called in multiple packs of viscious Nazi schwein-hunds.  At one point I called in an arty strike that killed like their entire team. Between that and the achievements, I got like 1,200 points for one game. By the end, my character was wearing a necklace of human ears.

Ahh yeah. This is definately a sign that I should be writing more…

Going to BYU for the writer’s convention

LTUE has already started, but I won’t be there until Saturday. I’m one the panel about world building that will be at 4:00 at the student center.

I’m taking my original edition Dragonlance books that I have from high school and I’m going to have Tracy Hickman sign them. Hells yeah.

Most of the Utah authors of scifi and fantasy will be there. I know a bunch of these folks, and every one that I’ve met so far has been awesome. Brandon Sanderson is a really neat guy, and has given me some great advice for my own writing career.  I’m looking forward to this.

Eric Holder says we’re cowards

Eric Holder is an idiot.


See, our new Attorney General believes that Americans are “cowards” when it comes to racial issues.


His statement is kind of ironic, because the real problems that remain in American society about race are the result of the institutional freak out from people like Eric Holder and his boss, Barack Obama, and their simpering toadies inhabiting Manhattan news offices.


So it isn’t enough to not be racist. Holder says that we’re not ‘not racist’ enough. That’s just stupid.


Most of America doesn’t care about race. Over time race matters less and less to the average American. Nobody is just one race anymore, and every generation it matters less and less. For example, I don’t even know what exactly I am. The only time that it ever matters is when I have to fill out a government mandated form that puts me into some specific box.   

I was reading about a guy today who father was Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese, and his mother was Irish and Japanese. Good luck checking a box there, dude. But you better, because the liberals still care. Nobody else does.


The only time I ever hear about racial concerns is when it is coming from some jackass who makes his living pimping poverty, or a political douche-bag who has something to gain by milking his race, or somebody who happens to be a minority, but is also a lazy sack of crap who needs somebody to blame for their own failures, and who better to blame than some nebulous conspiracy of Whitey.


Okay, if we’re cowards about race, it is only because every single time somebody criticizes a black liberal, the person doing the criticizing is automatically branded as a racist.  We’ve seen it again and again. If you didn’t want Barack Obama to be president, the media said it was because you were racist. I don’t know how many times I saw some little snide news tidbit about how the red states were mostly that way because of our backward racist ways. If you think Eric Holder was too stupid to be Attorney General, it is because you’re a member of the KKK. Note, that this doesn’t count if you have a problem with Clarence Thomas or Condi Rice, because it is totally cool to hate a right winger, no matter what color they happen to be.


Some liberal jackass hinted at my wife being racist during the election, because she absolutely despised Obama. That’s particularly ironic, since for a 5’11” Viking goddess, she grew up in a place where white people were a tiny minority, her best friends were Pakistanis and Indians, and her first boyfriend was Vietnamese. (and a foot shorter than her, so that was just never going to work).


Liberals, like Holder, love to play the race card. It is just another tool in their tool box.


The other concern about discussing race is that anytime you point out anything that doesn’t fit into the liberal worldview, out comes the branding iron. How dare you point out obvious flaws, you bigot. If you think that we should secure our borders, it must be because you hate Mexicans, and NOT because 20,000,000 illegal aliens, terrorists, hundreds of tons of drugs, and a brutal cartel that cuts people’s heads off Al Queda style all coming over the border and you think that just might be a teensy problem.


For example, if I talk about how when I lived in inner-city Birmingham, and it was an utter and complete cesspool of crime, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, teenage pregnancy, and other problems, that’s cool, but then I say that the area was 99% black and seeped in a culture of welfare and institutionalized laziness, then I’m a racist.


You want us to not be cowards, Holder? Then how about I say that inner-city black culture is broken. It has been destroyed by generations being stupefied and milked by scumbags that share your flawed philosophy of entitlements and rewarding failure. You’ve replaced fathers with a welfare check and propped up bad behavior for so long that people like 50 Cent are looked at as role models.


But I can’t talk about that, because it doesn’t agree with the PC worldview, so then I get slandered for it. Hell, look what happened to Bill Cosby.


Bill Cosby was a pioneer of black rights. He was a man who worked his ass off, and went far. He’s an example to everybody what you can accomplish with talent and a work ethic regardless of who you are. He brought the best of black culture to white America. My little kids watch Little Bill on Nicktoons, and they don’t see a black family, they see just another little kid, like them. A little known factoid is that he bankrolled Sweet Sweetback’s Badass Song and if that ain’t street cred, then I don’t know what is, but somehow when he goes against the Reverend Wrights and the Jesse Jacksons, then even Bill Cosby is an Uncle Tom. The Huxtables are made fun of now because one was a doctor, the other was a lawyer, and their friends were all jazz musicians, historians, and professors. They should have all been crack dealers, because then that would have been keeping it real.


It isn’t about race. It is about ideology. You don’t need to be brave to make fun of Asians, fat people, smokers, Republicans, rich people, Christians, hillbillys, rednecks, Mormons, home-schoolers, gun owners, the military, Fox News, or NRA members. You only need courage if you openly talk about issues relating to any group that votes in a block for Democrats.


Screw you, Holder. You’re the coward.


You and your ilk are the cowards. If you ideology could stand on its own, then you wouldn’t need to play the race card. You wouldn’t need to bait and switch. You wouldn’t need to slam people for BS reasons. If you weren’t so afraid, you could let people fail and learn from their mistakes, rather than bailing them out. You’re the cowards for being so afraid of losing power that you’ve kept an entire group of people down just so you could count on their continued votes.


If we’re supposed to be above race, in the post-Obama era, why don’t we have the right to talk about your problems? Why can’t white people talk about problems in black America? You’ve got three or four generations that have grown up with out fathers, and the taxpayers foot the bill, but white people can’t talk about that, because we don’t get it.


Eric Holder can go to hell.   


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