HR45, more idiot gun control legislation. Get ready for more Hope & Change

Here it comes again.

I will not register my guns. I will not lock up my guns. Screw them.

HR45 has not come up for any hearings yet, but Congress won’t let that hold them back. This is the same idiot congress that just passed a 1,400 page bill. A pork bill that is nothing but the sale of a lie, that nobody even knows what all is in it, that cost more than WWII, something that is almost 3 times longer than the Patriot act and passed even faster…

Yep. That’s Change you can believe in. So for all of you people who kept telling me how the democrats weren’t going to push gun control, we’ll see how that goes.  I want to smack these idiots upside their idiot heads. Our government is screwing us beyond all comprehension, and just printing more money to do it, and the idiots who voted for the idiots currently in charge can only justify their idiocy by saying that George Bush did it too.

We are so screwed.


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