More Hope & Change

So, even though it is illegal, it looks like the Census will be moved from the Commerce Department to the Whitehouse. That way Rahm Emmanual can control it.


I’m positive that this will show that the population of the Red States has declined sharply and the Blue States population has simply exploded, necessitating a great big shift of congressional seats.  Of course, this doesn’t mirror reality at all, since the fastest growing cities in America are all in Red States, but we won’t let reality hold back Hope and Change.


Can you imagine if George Bush had done this so that Karl Rove could control the Census? There would be so much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the media that you couldn’t possibly miss it. I only heard about this because of talk radio, you know, the one that needs to be controlled with a new Fairness Doctrine.


So, Obama has only been in for a month, and he’s already proposed the biggest pork bill ever, nominated a cabinet full of tax evaders, and now he’s taking dirty politics to a whole new level by turning the US Census over to his own personal Rasputin.


There is also talk of Washington DC getting two senators… Yep, because I remember that part of the Constitution. This is the city that reelects its mayor after catching him on video smoking crack with hookers.


We’re so screwed.


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