FBMG, #2 STI dealer in the country

http://www.stiguns.com/ and read the latest Skinnigram #113.

I sold a LOT of STIs in 2008. I just didn’t realize how many of them that really was though.

My favorite pistol is still my 4.15 Tactical, because it makes me look like I know what I’m doing.

Economic Stimulus Crap

Okay… Barack’s first speech since the election, and it is about how we’re going to use the government to spend our way out of the recession. The government is going to spend a TRILLION dollars on stupid projects, and somehow that is going to make everything better.

If anybody thinks this is a good idea, I’m guessing that you didn’t major in Economics or Accounting. This is bad. This is dumb. It was bad and dumb when George Bush did it, and now doing it with even more money isn’t going to work. It didn’t work when FDR did it either, despite the propaganda that you got spoonfed in high school history.  That money is being taken from somewhere, and that somewhere is like the .gov is putting it on some massive credit card that our kids and grandkids are going to get to pay until they die.

The last time the government went this far out on a limb was to fight the biggest war in history to develop the greatest war machine of all time and to harness the atom, with the very path of mankind at stake, and this time it is because we’re experiencing minor discomfort primarily caused by news propaganda and 7% unemployment.  As much as the democrats like to bitch about Ronald Reagan’s massive deficit spending, he was at like 8% of the GDP, and we’re going to move that to 11% or 12%.  Ronnie was only trying to win the Cold War, you know, the one where evil communists were prepared to clense us from the face of the world with nuclear fire.  This times is more important because we need the government to spend that much money so stupid people who couldn’t afford houses in the first place get to keep their houses, and American automakers can make substandard cars.

For all of you that voted for Hope and Change, get ready, because here it comes. Your change is going to be to socialism, only with a new frilly wrapper. The hope comes in where people like me hope and pray that the idiots in charge don’t try to make a bad situation better and end up destroying the US in the process.

And you might come back and say that it isn’t socialism. Really? I’d love to hear how. And when you can’t tell me how this diverges from the fundamental philosophy of Karl Marx, you can tell me that “But… but, George Bush sucked too!” Yes! I know. George Bush sucked, no kidding. John McCain was an idiot. Thanks, let’s move on to something that won’t destroy America now.

Productive week with the writing

I’ve been on a roll with the writing this last week.  So far in January I’ve written 30,000 words of the new Mr. Nightcrawler, and it’s coming along pretty darn good.

I’m a super fast writer, but terrible editor. I crank out words at an alarming rate, filled with nonstop typos, misspellings, and general mangling of the English language. I have this weird, almost idiot-savant thing going on. I’ll get on a roll, and then when I look up, it is five hours later, three o’clock in the morning, and the last hour I was writing utterly incoherant crap involving zombie walrus attacks and magic beenie babies, that is just going to get thrown out when I look at it again with a brain that isn’t fogged up.

There have been a few times where I’ve picked an argument on the internet, and the other guy felt somehow vindicated because I had written so much. Like the volume somehow proved that I cared too much or something. Beats me. I just don’t think most folks realize how fast I crank stuff out. The last time I took a timed typing test, I was at 85 words per minute. And when I get on a tear, I’m just pounding away, and I barely slow down to wipe the slobber off the screen.

This is the first novel I’ve written with a partner. Our styles are radically different. Mike will work a scene over and over and over, looking for perfection, trying to get everything just right. He’s a master of dialog. A day later he’s written a 1,000 word scene that is just beautiful, capturing all the emotions, and really telling the character’s story. Meanwhile, I’ve written 5,000 words of utter nonsense, and I’ll have to go back and spend five days trying to figure out where to put all the commas and how to correctly spell. (I’m still #1 on Google for the mispelling of Sweadish!) So I guess it all works out.

I’ve got another story idea that’s developing now. It is kind of sci-fi, and I’ve not done a real sci-fi story other than my screenplay (which I’m still waiting to hear if they want it or not). So now I’ve got another thing to write.  But it goes finish Mr. Nightcrawer #1, re-edit MHI 2, write the Africa book, write MHI 3, re-edit Mr. Nightcrawler #2, before I can even think about another one.

I heard an interview with Orson Scott Card once, where he said that he usually wrote a book in about 3-5 weeks of actual writing, but that was after years of having the idea. At the time, 3-5 weeks sounded insane, but then again, I was working like a madman, and writing really late at night, having exchanged sleep for Vanilla Coke. This being a semi-unemployed writer guy does have some perks. Not only do I get more time to write, but my kids actually like… recognize me and stuff.

I swear, when MHI:2 actually hits shelves, I’m going to write the dedication to the caffeine of 1,000 Vanilla Cokes.

I also taught 2 CCW classes this week. That was nice, because A. I need the money. B.It is always good to teach. I love teaching CCW, and I look forward to it warming up so I can teach some pistol again.

I’m still a long way from having the Baen version of MHI released. When it first went up for preorder on Amazon, a bunch of you ordered copies, and we shot way way way up the charts for a few days. It has tapered off now. And now we wait… and wait… and wait… Man that sucks.  Right now we’re floating in some nebulous super high number, which I guess means they might sell a preorder copy now and then. I’m just dying to see how good it does when there are actual books to ship. On that note, if you haven’t ordered yours yet, http://www.amazon.com/Monster-Hunter-International-Larry-Correia/dp/1439132852/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1231696024&sr=8-1

Coming soon, B movie awesomeness


Okay, so you’ve got a zombie movie, starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Ron “The Man” Perlman, and Henry Rollins as a friggin’ priest? That has classic written all over it. Ron Perlman is the high mackdaddy of all monster movies. Anything with Ron Perlman in it is already cool. Add Henry Rollins, and I’m down with this one.

I’ve got to admit, it is nice to have a vacation

I’ve been out of  the store since right before Christmas. I’m now officially an unemployed writer guy.

I’ve been working on the novelization of Mr. Nightcrawler. It has been coming along really well. I can honestly say that this is as good or better than anything I’ve ever written. My co-writer, Mike, has about six months before he has to ship off to EOD school, so we’re on a tight schedule, but we will make it. I’ll be farming this out to publishers about the same time MHI hits the shelves, so hopefully getting a thriller published will prove easier than the epic adventure getting MHI published was. 

Other than writing all day, I’ve been playing videogames. My family got me Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2 for Christmas.  

Gears is just like the first one with some extra stuff added. The multiplayer is awesome, and Horde is amazingly fun. My only complaints about Gears 2 is the writing. Sometimes it is painful, but I’m just being whiny. The action is awesome, just sometimes I would like a little better dialog than the high-school football team stuff that we get from Delta Squad.

That, and as I play this game, I’ve got to ask, why the hell did humanity land on this awful planet? Did we run out of gas? Let’s see, you’ve got sky piranhas, giant super fish, killer dinosaurs, mega-worms, giant spiders, the locust horde, razor hail, and now the glowing oil stuff makes mutant zombies. Hell, that sounds like where I’d want to settle down. As I was playing through on co-op, I kept saying, “Man, this planet totally sucks!”  Sera makes Dune seem like a pleasant vacation spot.

Fallout 3 is simply amazing. If you’ve played Oblivion, it is very similiar only with a Mad Max vibe. It sucks you in. As I play it, my family actually sits around and watches as the story unfolds, because it is like taking part in a movie.  What an epic game.

After video games, there’s always bad movies. I’ve been watching a bunch of my typical B movie fare. Last night was Danish vampires in Nattens Engel. Which is Angel of Night in English. Holy crap, this movie was bad. But every once in awhile it was so bad it had moments of awsome.  The story didn’t make a lick of sense, and you literally despise every character in it, but their badness made it somehow entertaining. Yay Denmark! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0138647/

But the vacation can’t last forever. I’ve applied for a couple of accounting jobs.  Working 40 hours a week like a normal person is still kind of a vacation.


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