Pork Pork Porkety PORK!

I’ve been told that because of the state of economy, the government has to do SOMETHING!!!!


Well, apparently, that something is the largest pork bill in history. This thing is made of pig stacked on top of pig, sheathed in bacon, bristling with radioactive pork chops, and cemented together with mortar made of Spam and aerosol cheese. Altogether it is a hulking behemoth of porcine evil capable of simultaneously kicking the living shit out of Godzilla, King Kong, and Gamera the Space Turtle without breaking a sweat.


This is the biggest single spending bill in history. Congress debated it for less than an hour.


I don’t know about you guys, but when I think about what will create jobs, I immediately think of $150,000,000 for bee insurance. I think about billions of dollars going to the frauds at ACORN. I think of 20 billion for foodstamps, billions for arts and entertainment, billions for abortion and contraceptives, billions going to already rich major universities, billions more to go to Pell Grant so that those major universities can just jack up tuition again, billions for every retarded moronic idiotic stinking stupid thing you can think of, and why the hell not? It’s only OUR money.


It isn’t a stimulus plan, it is just a giant list of stuff the Democrats have wanted forever and payoffs to the various douche bags who colluded to get Obama elected. So it is a tiny bit worse than the idiotic Republican plan that consisted of giving money to stupid companies so that the managers could still get their billions in bonuses.  Our government is insane.


We’re heading down a very bad road here and I’m not sure where it is going to end up.


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