Wow, New York's Gov didn't pick a total communist. I'm SHOCKED.,2125.0.html

Okay, so Hillary’s replacement is backed by the NRA and opposed by the bailout.  It looks like she’s a middle of the road Democrat. Color me surprised.

Keep in mind that this is New York we’re talking about. This is the same state that is contemplating an 18% tax on soda with sugar in it to punish fat people, because you know, government should be your mommy. When I heard that I went out and bought a 200 ounce Vanilla Coke on principle.

A bunch of prominent politicians are throwing a fit about this appointment. They were far happier with anybody who’s last name was Kennedy, qualifications be damned.

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  1. I’m glad to see another “Blue Dog” Democrat, especially in New York. Plus McCarthy is super pissed and that just makes me happy.

  2. I’m more happy about the angry dems than the actual appointment. I’ve heard that while she is pro-gun and anti-bailout, she’s not as good as sliced bread. She’s not a Right winger. We still need to be wary, but in the mean time, she’s better than Hillary Rhodam Antichrist and anyone named Kennedy.

  3. “I’m glad to see another “Blue Dog” Democrat, especially in New York. Plus McCarthy is super pissed and that just makes me happy.”

    The gun grabbers aren’t angry any more. She is already discussing compromise and they are saying she will be an advocate for “reasonable gun control.”

  4. and therein the danger, as you’ve notated by placing the quotes – “reasonable”.
    yep, there’s a lot of reasonable means of controlling people who are going to be reasonable anyhow.
    but like we’re going to have go to trial here shortly — a gunstore owner is accused of selling over 600 guns to the Mexico drug gangs – there are non-‘reasonable’ people operating in our world.
    Supposedly the gangs approached “clean” US citizens and paid them to purchase guns through his store — with his knowledge of what was going on.
    So such will be used as an excuse to ensure reasonable steps that such can’t happen.
    Even though the fact that this happened (and having been in the store a couple times, I came away with the feeling the guy was more than an a-hole, so I’m biased) also shows that the criminal can be very shrewd as well as dishonest beyond the reasonable restraints that will be put in place.
    If she becomes politically motivated, reasonable won’t be reasonable to most average American’s who pay their taxes honestly and timely, try to do an honest day’s work for the pay their give, and own guns.

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