We’re entering strange times

The inauguration is finally over. Which is great, because I don’t think I could have taken much more of Obamathon ’08.  Every time I turn around, I get to hear somebody else talking about how awesome and historic this all is, even though when it gets down to the nuts and bolts of what Barack is going to actually do, his supporters still don’t have a clue.


But hey, we’re not racist! Yay! Look how awesome we are. We elected the most left-leaning person to the presidency ever, but at least he’s slightly browner than I am. I don’t see the big deal, because if Colin Powel had said in 1996 that he wanted to be president, he would have easily won. But whatever makes all the people on the coasts happy.


So how is Barack going to run the country? I don’t know, but we can probably get some clues by who he is surrounding himself by.


His Global Warming (sorry, since it isn’t actually warming, we’ll call it Climate Change now, so it can still be a big crisis) Czar is a card carrying member of the Socialist leadership. Literally. That’s not exaggerating. And even then, her husband is a lobbyist for big oil companies, because in typical liberal tradition, there’s no such thing as hypocrites.


Eric Holder was a lousy #2 to the worst Attorney General in US history, and was the architect of such Justice Department highlights as kidnapping Elian Gonzalez with a SWAT team. As the new boss of the ATF, I’m sure that will be just awesome.


Timothy Geithner is going to be the new Treasury Secretary, which after George Bush’s idiotic bailout nonsense is now the most powerful person in Washington. I feel extra warm and fuzzy about this because Geithner doesn’t like to pay his taxes either, but then again, I’m not the head of the IRS.  It’s okay though, because he’s apologized for not paying $34,000. I’m sure if I ‘accidentally’ didn’t pay $34,000 in taxes, the IRS will totally be cool with an apology and I’ll get a pass.  


Rahm Emanuael as Chief of Staff? Sure, why the heck not? This was a man so slimy that Bill Clinton found him personally distasteful. He comes from the same political machine where half of their governors from the last 50 years are either serving time, or soon will be.


And Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State… Well, at least she’s tougher than Barack, so when Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez are sexually violating the US over the next few years, she’ll totally stand up for us… unless there’s some good money to be made from Indonesian coal bribery or something.  Nope, our foreign affairs are in fine hands.


Yep, it is going to be fun.


I’ve got something like 500 channels on DirectTV.  482 of them were about Obama yesterday.  Heck, I think HGTV was remodeling the Obama’s bathroom, the Travel channel was showing pictures of shirtless Barack frolicking in the ocean, and Animal Planet was about his kid’s dogs.  Hell, Barack was on the cover of the latest issue of Spiderman. SPIDERMAN!!!!!! 


I said it almost two years ago. Barack Obama is the Boy Band of Politics. No substance, no real talent, no experience, but media manufactured into a phenomenon. Like all Boy Bands, he’ll lose his luster eventually. The question is, what kind of idiotic policies are we going to push before then?


I’ve got faith in America though. We’ve survived stupidity before, and I’m just going to hope that the wuss party, (sorry, Republicans) channel the spirit of Newt Gingrich and actually put up a fight. Either way, we’re heading for some interesting times.


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